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session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Category)) .Add( Expression.Like("Name", "Laptop%") );
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There are a number of third-party components that would help you integrate your system with SharePoint similar to how the Business Data Catalog does now. You have to be careful when choosing a third-party integration component that isn t from Microsoft, whether it s open source or costs. Consider the following: Will your IT team want to learn a new integration suite that may not be relevant elsewhere Will you get support from the third-party company or Microsoft What is the total cost of ownership The three preceding solutions only address the simple display of data in SharePoint. What if you want to tag your documents with metadata values that exist in a database, or search a set of customers from a web service Microsoft understood the concerns and shortcomings associated with these solutions and those available in SharePoint 2003. For SharePoint 2007, they have built a new component called the Business Data Catalog.
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Listing 5.2 Building the interface of the RSS Web Part
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PS (7) > $user.remove("city") PS (8) > $user Key --LastName date FirstName PhoneNumber
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If you look at the code in ForceBufferOverrun(), you ll see that the function writes 17 ints into an array that s only of size 16. This stomps the contents of the member variable directly after the array in the class. If you look at the class header, you ll see that mIGetStomped sits directly after the array in memory, so it s what gets stomped. If you build and run this code, you ll see that everything runs totally fine. Look at the console output, though, and you should see this:
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While your iPhone gives you unprecedented control over your personal music library, there may be times when you want to just mix it up and listen to some other music. TIP: A basic Pandora account is free and can save you considerable money compared with buying lots of new songs from iTunes. Pandora grew out of the Music Genome Project. This was a huge undertaking. A large team of musical analysts looked at just about every song ever recorded and then developed a complex algorithm of attributes to associate with each song.
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Then we replace the content of the Grid with our control and two FlowDocumentReaders (listing 19.9).
Once a tree of visual elements has been cached, you can take advantage of hardware acceleration for composting those elements with other layers in the application. In addition, hardware acceleration can benefit transforms, such as stretching and rotation. In order to use hardware acceleration, you must set the EnableGPUAcceleration plug-in parameter to true. In chapter 4, we covered how to build up the object tag. Here s the line for enabling acceleration:
As you can see in Figure 2 26, compiling a generic bit of ready-made code may be possible, but it lacks anything specific. The table view is laid out but, of course, the computer has no idea what we want it to say or display. We must tell it!
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