A common mistake made by many freshly minted Objective-C programmers is to indiscriminantly add a colon to the end of a method name that has no arguments. In the face of a compiler error, you might be tempted to toss in an extra colon and hope it fixes things. The rule to follow is this: If a method takes an argument, it has a colon. If it takes no arguments, it has no colons.
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Next, download the Silverlight Media Framework v2 release (or the latest release available at the time you re reading this) and install that on your machine. At the time of this writing, the installer was a zip file with the DLLs. If that s the case when you use it, place them in a common location (but not a system folder such as Program Files) that you ll easily find from within Visual Studio. If copied from a zip and not an installer, be sure to unblock the files individually per this KB article so you can use them: fwlink/ LinkId=179545. Figure 20.6 shows the dialog with the Unblock button.
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The code in listing 19.15 includes the majority of the important logic required to print a report. It first creates a StackPanel B used to hold the content. It then loops through the line items, creating a template-based element to be the row s contents, and then setting the data context C of that element to be the row data itself. It then measures D the element, providing it the bounds of the page, and finally adds it to the stack panel. Once all elements have been created, the page visual is set to the stack panel and the more pages flag is set to false. In setting HasMorePages to false and not dealing with page breaks, the code in listing 19.15 blindly prints, ignoring the end of the page. If this were old traditional printing, green-bar fan-fold paper would be flying off the printer faster than we could catch it, with printing on the seams and everywhere else. Silverlight will clip this, of course, so the result will be only a single page that doesn t overrun its boundaries. Figure 19.8 shows the top of the report page for reference, as it appears when using the XPS document print driver.
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Once your COM+ applications (either managed or unmanaged) are exposed as web services, any client that is running on virtually any platform can use them. The impact of this is enormous, especially on larger businesses in which different platforms coexist. For example, consider the war between the Microsoft and the Java-based platforms. Typically, the developers on each platform barely speak, let alone share code. Sometimes, however, some specific piece of functionality must cross over between platforms; enter web services. Before COM+ 1.5 (i.e., Windows 2000 and previous), developers had no easy way to expose a COM+ component as a web service. Yes, you could create a wrapper web services that made calls to your component, but this required a few more lines of code than simply enabling a checkbox property of your COM+ component. You must meet several requirements before you can expose your COM+ applications as web services. First, your component must be running in COM+. At this point, it doesn t matter whether your component is managed or unmanaged, as long as it is registered inside COM+. Once your component is registered inside COM+ and it is managed code, the second requirement is to register your component in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). You can do this either through the .NET Framework Configuration UI (figure 6.35) or by using the SDK utility, gacutil.exe.
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The CocoaWGet program facilitates the retrieval of files from web and FTP sites using the GNU wget program. CocoaWGet provides a GUI front-end for selecting program options and fully supports all the wget command-line options. Users using CocoaWGet are not limited in any way and will be able to do anything they can do with the command-line version. The CocoaWGet program performs the following tasks:
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Creating Elliptical 3-D Objects
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>>> def one(): ... print "x is " + str(x) ...
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Figure 5 3. Start a new game object by subclassing NSObject instead of a CCNode-based class like CCSprite.
Touch to see Player Card.
22.3 Storyboarding
In this section we will add the new panels to our status bar, and define some text for the first two panels. The final panel is an owner-drawn panel, and is the subject of section 4.4. 4.3.1 Adding panels to a status bar Let s begin by adding our three panels to the status bar. In Visual Studio, panels are not added via the Toolbox, but rather through the Panels item in the Property window. If you are not using Visual Studio, you can create StatusBarPanel objects like you would any other object for your form.
Testing for getElementsByClassName()
advance. You examine data with advanced mathematical methods, using data mining algorithms, and then you examine patterns and rules that your algorithms find. The SSAS data mining engine runs the algorithms automatically after you set up all of the parameters you need; therefore, you can check millions of different pivoting options in a limited time. In this chapter, you're going to learn how to perform data mining analyses with SSAS 2008.
As we mentioned earlier, advances in CPU clock speed have given way to a trend toward multiple cores per CPU die. That s not to say clock speeds won t increase in the future they most certainly will but we re at the point now where it s become increasingly difficult to fully utilize CPU clock speed due to the latency involved in accessing system RAM. On large multiprocessor systems where all CPUs share a common bus to the RAM, the latency of RAM access becomes more and more of an issue, effectively throttling CPU speed and limiting system scalability. A simplified example of this is shown in figure 3.9. As we covered earlier, higher amounts of CPU cache will reduce the frequency of trips out to system RAM, but there are obviously limits on the size of the CPU cache, so this only partially addresses the RAM latency issue. The non-uniform memory access (NUMA) architecture, fully supported by SQL Server, addresses this issue by grouping CPUs together into NUMA nodes, each of which accesses its own RAM, and depending on the NUMA implementation, over its own I/O channel.
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-- Measure the table scan time of various compression settings ALTER TABLE [Sales].[SalesOrder_Detail_Copy] REBUILD WITH (DATA_COMPRESSION = ROW) -- repeat for PAGE, NONE GO DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS; GO SELECT AVG(UnitPrice) FROM Sales.SalesOrder_Detail_Copy; GO
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