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It s also possible for some indexes, while valuable and frequently used, to be duplicated or overlapping. DUPLICATE AND OVERLAPPING INDEXES A duplicate index, that is, an index with the same columns, defined in the same order, presents a very easy and clear case for removal. In a similar manner, an index that shares the same leading columns can also be considered a duplicate of another index. For example, Index B on lastName, firstName is really a duplicate of Index A on lastName, firstName, dateOfBirth. A number of links to scripts for detecting duplicate and overlapping indexes have been placed on the book s companion website, available at Before dropping duplicate indexes, you should take care to ensure that no existing T-SQL or stored procedure code uses the index(es) as part of an index hint. Dropping such indexes without updating referencing code will obviously result in errors when the (now nonexistent) indexes are referenced. In this section, we ve identified indexes that are candidates for removal. In SQL Server 2005 and above, indexes can be disabled as well as removed or dropped, an important consideration and one that we ll cover when we look at index maintenance later in the chapter. For now, let s look at index analysis from a different perspective: identifying indexes that don t exist.
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CHAPTER 3: Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
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The default load of Mac OS X does not contain any UNIX or Mac OS X specific development tools, such as gcc, g++, gdb, RCS, CVS, Project Builder, or Interface Builder. These tools and others are available free from the Apple Developer site ( Appendix A provides all the information you need to download and install the complete suite of Apple development tools. qrcodedecoder
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Listing 23.10 A complex property in a style definition
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Dim xml As XDocument = XDocument.Load("..\..\Hello_XLINQ.xml") Console.WriteLine("Encoding: {0}", xml.Declaration.Encoding) Console.WriteLine("Version: {0}", xml.Declaration.Version) Console.WriteLine("Standalone: {0}", xml.Declaration.Standalone)
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Task 9-25. Submitting a Page
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Listing 5.37 Filtering a collection of books with a foreach loop
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Begin at the beginning, the king said and then go on till you come to the end, then stop. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Vizzini: Inconceivable! Inigo: You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. William Goldman, The Princess Bride
ADD EVENT HANDLERS FOR THE VIEW MENU (continued) Action 9 Add Click event handlers for each of the four menus in the View menu. Note: These handlers set the View property value in the listViewMain control, which alters how the contents of the control appear to the user. Result
PS (4) > $button = New-Object Windows.Forms.Button PS (5) > $button.text="Push Me!"
"Full House", "Four of a Kind", "Straight Flush", "Royal Flush", }; private int score = -1; } }
dough.tartar[0] = dough.tartar[0] * 3; dough.pourableVanillaYogurt[0] = dough.pourableVanillaYogurt[0] * 3; dough.wildBlueberries[0] = dough.wildBlueberries[0] * 3; dough.pastryFlour[0]; // 5.25 dough.pourableVanillaYogurt[0]; // 3
Get-Process | Export-CliXML reference.xml
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