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Integrating with the desktop
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There are two common situations when uploading files manually may be necessary: when the report author doesn t have the rights to upload the reports directly from the Report Designer and when the report definition file is authored by an outside party. What resources can be uploaded to a folder The Report Server doesn t enforce special rules and allows any file to be uploaded to the report catalog. However, it only makes sense to upload the following resources: Report definition (*.RDL) files Shared data source (*.RDS) files Image files XSL transformation files (*.XSL) HTML pages
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var data = new ProcessData {Id = 123, Name = "MyProcess", Memory = 123456};
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void ParameterizedQuery(int minPageCount) { var books = from book in SampleData.Books where book.PageCount >= minPageCount select book; Console.WriteLine("Books with at least {0} pages: {1}", minPageCount, books.Count()); }
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31. set start_date to date (the_meeting_date & space & the_start_time) 32. set end_date to date (the_meeting_date & space & the_end_time) 33. return {start_date, end_date, the_summary} 34. end format_message_information 35. on iCal_add_event(start_date, end_date, the_summary) 36. tell application "iCal" 37. tell calendar 1 38. make new event at end with properties 39. {start date:start_date, end date:end_date, 40. summary:the_summary, status:confirmed} 41. end tell 42. end tell 43. end iCal_add_event
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Figure 3-11 shows the output for Listing 3-21.
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Standard flow
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Mouse Down Event
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SQL Server Memory
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CHAPTER 23: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
Encountering Reserved Word Mishaps
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