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Also described in 1: Getting Started, pinching is a much more precise form of zooming in. While double-tapping zooms in or out only to one set level, pinching really allows you to zoom in or out just a little bit or quite a lot. To pinch, hold your thumb and forefinger close together and then slowly (while touching the screen) separate them, making the picture larger. To zoom out, start with your thumb and forefinger apart and move them together. NOTE: Once you have activated the zoom using either method, you will not be able to easily swipe through your pictures until you return the picture to its standard size.
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High-level flow of the list box example
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When you are finished, your Visual Studio .NET window should look something like figure 3.9. Visual Studio generates all the necessary source code for these changes, excerpts of which appear in the steps shown in the previous table.
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Wireless sync for email, iTunes required to sync This is free. calendar, notes (not for Yahoo! Contacts contacts): Settings Mail,Contacts,Calendar Add Account Yahoo! This is free for 60 days, then US$99 for one user, US$149 for a family plan. (Pricing is valid as of publication time.)
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The first condition checks for soda. If there is soda, it makes no difference whether there s also beer or vodka you will fill your glass with soda and skip the beer part. If there s no soda, the beer gets a chance. If there s no beer, it ll try for vodka. If there s no vodka, it means nothing is left, and it s time to head home. Now, suppose you go hunt for drinks for yourself and a friend. Your friend, for argument s sake, has the same preference as you: he would rather get soda, but if not, then beer is OK, and so on. To write a script that will fetch drinks for both of you, you will need to run the conditional statement twice you will look at this next.
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@property (assign) TreeNode *parent; @end By using the assign property attribute, the parent property is not retained when set. The hazard is that the node could be removed from the tree, and later attempt to send a message to its parent object, which might not exist anymore. This approach is workable if you carefully engineer the object so that there s no possibility that it will attempt to use any unretained references in a situation where those objects might have been released. The best solution to this type of problem is to add code that explicitly clears the parent reference before the node is removed from the tree. In the case where the reference is retained, this breaks the circular reference and allows the nodes to be destroyed. In the case where the reference is not retained, it ensures that the node won t attempt to use a stale reference.
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We won t address the first point here. It s true that the source code of a DAL that uses LINQ to SQL may look useless because it can be simple and could be used directly in other parts of your applications. However, this is what we want to avoid and one reason for creating a DAL, so this is something you should accept. The fact that the code in your DAL is simpler than equivalent code with literal SQL queries does not mean that it s useless. It s better, in fact! Let s look at the second point. When you write your first DAL method, you may be tempted to write something like listing 13.1.
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$myBrush = Drawing SolidBrush $color $pen = Drawing pen black @{Width=3} $rec = Drawing Rectangle 0,0,200,200
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In this section, we re going to build a simple prototype of a miniature golf game (shown in Figure 5-1). The user will drag a mallet with a finger and try to get the ball through the barriers to score a hole in one. Touching the back wall will cause the ball to return to the starting point.
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The menuRemove_Click handler uses the RemoveAt method from our PhotoAlbum class to remove the current photo. The issue of adjusting the current position in case we remove the last photo from the album is left to the PhotoAlbum class to handle. If you recall, the RemoveAt method we implemented in chapter 5 ensures that the current index remains valid after it is called through an override of the OnRemoveComplete method, so the current position is properly updated here. Once again we have ignored the display issues. This is because our menu handlers will no longer interact with the Form window directly. Instead we will override the protected OnPaint method for this purpose, which is our next topic.
As much as some of us love Objective-C, it s not the only game in town, and some people would rather use another language for developing Cocoa apps. Maybe you have a particular code library you want to make use of, or maybe you just prefer some other language. The good news is that there are some languages out there that can interface
predicateWithFormat: 'missed') OR " 'kramer') OR " 'trek')"];
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