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Performing runtime tracing Sometimes, you may want to watch the tracing output in real time, for example, to see the sequence of events before an exception is thrown. Or, you may need to see the tracing output from all three components in one place. Fortunately, the information captured in the log files is also output to the default trace listener. This allows you to watch the tracing output using tools such as Mark Russinovich s DebugView trace monitor, as shown in figure 7.27. In this way, not only will you be able to get a consolidated picture of how the different components interact, but you will also be able to watch the tracing statements output by custom code and extensions.
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System.Messaging.Message msg = messageQueue1.Receive(); string s="(null)"; if (msg != null & msg.Body != null) { s = msg.Body.ToString(); } UpdateMessageDisplay(s);
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They simply wrap the alloc and autorelease calls. Also, I decided to add a simple, parameterless button initializer because the CGRect parameter isn t really used anyway. This allows me to initialize the fireButton in a straightforward manner:
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The DataSource property implementation serializes the dataset content and schema to an instance of StringBuilder. Then, for the developer s convenience, it creates a new report parameter to pass the serialized dataset copy to the report. Now that we ve covered various web-reporting techniques, let s see how we can use some of them to implement a more realistic business-to-consumer (B2C) Internetoriented reporting example. 11.3.4 Business-to-consumer reporting Most popular commercial web sites allow customers to view their order history. Following this trend, imagine that the AWC management has requested that you enhance the company s web portal to support a similar feature, which we will call My Orders. Our design goals for the My Orders sample are as follows: Authenticate web users using ASP.NET Forms Authentication Show a report that lists the orders submitted by the customer Figure 11.18 shows what the My Orders page looks like. The page lists the customer s order history, including the item details. The source files for the My Orders sample are located under the 11/B2C folder inside the AWReporterWeb project. Let s start by implementing the first requirement, which calls for a comprehensive security model for authenticating web users. SERVER-SIDE REPORTING TECHNIQUES 409
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This chapter covers:
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EXEC usp_Manage_NCIX_FileGroup N'Exec', N'NCIX_FG'
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