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Using stubs to break dependencies
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Outside of a dog, a book is man s best friend. Inside of a dog, it s too dark to read. Groucho Marx
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Create PSObject
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Although most .NET developers will probably enjoy designing and running reports inside the familiar VS.NET environment, for other report authors, the full environment could be overkill if they purchase and install VS.NET solely for the purposes of creating reports. There are plans for a future version of RS that might include a stand-alone Designer, which would operate outside VS.NET. Third-party tools would also probably emerge, as mentioned in section 2.4.
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[[cell textLabel] setTextAlignment:UITextAlignmentCenter];
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b2BodyDef is reused for all bodies, only the position is modified for each body and a random CCSprite is created and assigned as userData. The addRandomSpriteAt method contains the code that creates a sprite from the CCSpriteBatchNode, as discussed
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Functions and scripts
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The MultiScaleImage control has built-in support for handling XML that details a multiscale image. This type of file can be generated programmatically or by a tool called Deep Zoom Composer. We won t cover this tool in detail because of its simplistic nature. Once you download and install the tool from the Microsoft Expression website, you can quickly create XML files that can be used by the MultiScaleImage. These files can be generated within the tool by going through a basic wizard. This wizard goes through the following steps:
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language-based syntax highlighting 127 LaTeX 127 launch 231 launchedTaskWithLaunchPath 231 layout rectangle 213 LCLint 121 ld 97 leak 139, 163 example 163 legacy programs 23 less 32 libtool 97 line count 306 line ending maintaining 123 line-mode editor 112 link operations 97 option 97 settings 91 lint 99, 121, 189 Linux 329, 334 List 255 listing directory contents 304 loadData 222 223 local search 74 locking scheme 151 log 256, 263 logging message displaying 74 logical operator 258 loop 257 ls 53, 284, 304
PS (11) > switch (5) { >> {$_ -gt 3} {"greater >> {$_ -gt 7} {"greater >> greater than three PS (12) > switch (8) { >> {$_ -gt 3} {"greater >> {$_ -gt 7} {"greater >> greater than three greater than 7 PS (13) > than three"} than 7"}}
Make sure Ringtones is checked.
PS C:\> $sessions = New-PSSession -comp SERVER-R2,localhost
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