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Configuring BDC search
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else { value = 55; order = 12; } C# has no ElseIf statement in C#, but it has a simple statement, Else If.
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Figure 6.8 The Tracing Options dialog box
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XAML is incredibly powerful, but it can also be quite difficult to work with, particularly when doing things like transition effects. For one thing, not everything in XAML is checked at compile time, and so some things often fail noisily or silently when you run. Also, there isn t currently any sort of debugger for XAML; when things don t work, you re often reduced to trial and error to figure out why. Even though it might be possible to completely create a framework for doing transitions in XAML, it probably isn t the best approach. In this section, we ll demonstrate a different approach that we believe makes creating and testing transitions easier. We ll build a control that lets us plug in transition effects and the items we want to transition from and to. We want to separate our implementation into three parts:
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Now let s do the tire accessors. First comes the setter:
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Table 17.1
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Search Paging Web Part
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Beyond basic in-memory queries
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The Fixup parameter indicates whether the value of the property should be corrected by removing redundant .. and . characters as well as canonicalizing the protocol and server address. The ConvertServerLinksToRelative specifies whether the links should be converted from server links to relative links. Both these properties are set to true by default. The following property would convert http://server/SitePages/ Home.aspx to /SitePages/Home.aspx:
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Listing 2-12. Deleting a Role and All of Its Related Person Records bar code generator pdf 417 free
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DeleteAttributes GetAttributes Select
That brings us to the end of our review of newsfeed libraries. We ll cover both the Windows RSS Platform and ROME in depth in the next two chapters, but now it s time to learn how to develop your own newsfeed parser.
Listing 6 5. Moving and Removing the Bullets -(void) update:(ccTime)delta { self.position = ccpAdd(self.position, velocity); if (self.position.x > outsideScreen) { [self removeFromParentAndCleanup:YES]; } }
You can change the language for Voice Control in your Settings app. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Scroll down and tap International. Tap Voice Control. On the next screen, you will see a list of languages. Tap any language to select it. You know a language is selected because it has a check mark next to it. English (United Kingdom) is shown as selected. Tap the International button in the upper left corner to return to your settings.
CHAPTER 26: Your iTunes User Guide
Don t ever be tempted to run the shrink database task, shown in figure 2. Regularly shrinking database files can have a huge negative performance impact, among other things.
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