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Distinct.vbproj 143 DomainSpecificOperators.cs 459 DotNet2.csproj 46 DotNet2Improved.csproj 48 ExtensionMethods.csproj 65, 70 ExtensionMethods.vbproj 67 FormStrings.cs 134 GenericDictionary.csproj 124 GenericList.csproj 123 GetXML.ashx.cs 505 Grouping.aspx.cs 150 HelloLinq.csproj 25 HelloLinq.vbproj 26 HelloLinqToSql.csproj 40 HelloLinqToXml.csproj 33 HelloLinqToXml.vbproj 34 HelloLinqWithGroupingAndSorting.csproj 27 HelloLinqWithGroupingAndSorting.vbproj 28 HelloLinqWithLiterals.vbproj 36 Iterator.csproj 88 Joins.aspx.cs 151, 153 155 LambdaExpressions.csproj 58, 62 LambdaExpressions.vbproj 63 LinqBooks.CommonSampleData.cs 119 Nested.aspx 149 Nested.aspx.cs 148 NonSequenceOperator.cs 462 ObjectInitializer.csproj 55 OldSchoolHello.csproj 27 OldSchoolXml.csproj 35 Paging.aspx.cs 156 Partitioning.aspx.cs 157 QueryExpressionWithOperators.csproj 103 SelectIndex.csproj 141 Sorting.aspx 146 Step1.aspx 128 Step1.aspx.cs 128 Step2a.aspx 130 Step2a.aspx.cs 131 Step2b.aspx 132 Step2b.aspx.cs 131
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public override string ToString() { return (String.Format("{0}:{1}", name, id)); } string name; int id; }
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Navigating to pages
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sample 166 example 166 Sampler 148, 161, 166 saveData 222 savePanel 230 say 262 sc_usage 158 scheduling priority 152 scp 307 screen-mode editor 113 screensaver module 81 script debugging 261 running from a menu 286 storing 286 scripting addition 253 installing 253 scripting language 48, 246 247 background 48 choosing 264 scripts organizing 251 Scripts folder 286 scroll box 312 search and replace 74 search type choosing 74
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<property name="TotalIncludingTax" formula="TOTAL + TAX_RATE * TOTAL" type="Double"/>
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CHAPTER 2: Hello, World
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Figure 11.1 The ReportViewer Control is shown here in a Windows Form.
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Setting up a DockPanel programmatically Setting up the DockPanel programmatically is similar to the way we set up the Canvas. Listing 4.11 shows some code added to the Loaded event handler of the Window that adds a right-docked control.
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xmlnamespaces ( '' as xsi ,'' as m ,'' as mb ) Music.Band.Name as [@mb:bandName] ,Music.Band.Established as [@mb:established] ,Music.Band.Disbanded as [@mb:disbanded] ,( select Music.Person.FirstName as [@m:firstName] ,Music.Person.MiddleName as [@m:middleName] ,Music.Person.LastName as [@m:lastName] from Music.Person inner join Music.BandMember on Music.BandMember.PersonId = Music.Person.PersonId where (Music.BandMember.BandId = Music.Band.BandId) order by Music.Person.LastName ,Music.Person.FirstName ,Music.Person.MiddleName for xml path('mb:member'), type ) from Music.Band order by Music.Band.Name for xml path('mb:band'), root('mb:bands'), type
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First, you need to create a new SharePoint 2010 project using the Visual Web Part template in Visual Studio, as described earlier. Make sure that you re using Microsoft .NET 3.5 as your target framework.
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Set objPerfData = ScriptContext.PerfData strSvc = objPerfData.InstanceName strLine = strSvc &" Service Restarted" Set objWMIService=GetObject("winmgmts:\\" _& strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * _ from Win32_Service where name='strSvc'") For Each objItem in colItems objItem.StopService objItem.StartService Next CreateEvent Eventid_Service_Restart, Event_Type_Error, strLine Sub CreateEvent(lngEventID, lngEventType, strMessage) On Error Resume Next Dim objNewEvent ' Create a new event Set objNewEvent = ScriptContext.CreateEvent ' Set event properties objNewEvent.Message = strMessage objNewEvent.EventNumber = lngEventID objNewEvent.EventType = lngEventType ' Submit the event ScriptContext.Submit objNewEvent Set objNewEvent = Nothing End Sub You now need to create the XML configuration file. This XML file contains the performance counter, performance instance, and performance value. Listing 13-4 shows the configuration settings to use in testing the script from Listing 13-3. Notepad can be used to create the file, and it should be saved as an XML file for example, config.xml.
ALTER PROCEDURE dkSelectFromTVP(@TVParam MyTbl READONLY) AS SET NOCOUNT ON UPDATE @TVParam SET String=String + ' Rocks!' WHERE String <> 'Anchorage' SELECT * FROM @TVParam GO
CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
target = blogid = username password
Figure 8 10. Finding the numeric index of the rule with the "a#adidas" selector with findIndex()
Operator name Description Performs a custom aggregation operation on the values of a sequence. Calculates the average value of a sequence of values.
Basic queries to discover what catalogs, indexes, and columns exist
You can easily edit or change the contents of a note. For example, you might keep a Things to Do note and quickly edit it when you think of something else to add to the list (or when your family reminds you to get something from the store).
The @interface Section
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