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You can improve this situation by changing the names of your controllers. Changing the names won t modify any of the bindings you ve configured, or change anything for your application s users. The only one who ll see the change at all is you, but remember that you re important, too. Just as it s important to format your source code in such a way that it s easy for you to scan through it and find what you need, doing what you can to streamline your editing experience in Interface Builder will save you time and frustration. So, go to the main nib window, make sure you re looking at the icon view (the leftmost icon in the row of small icons at the upper left should be selected), and find your Mythical Person Array Controller. Click on its name, and change it to just Persons. Do the same for Mythical Band Array Controller, changing its name to Bands. Doing this will eliminate a lot of words (e.g. Mythical, Array, and Controller ) that are otherwise spread a bit too liberally throughout your nib file, and leave you with a display that s hopefully easier for your eyes and brain to scan and comprehend quickly (see Figure 8 10).
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When it comes to sandboxing (which means that the code is executed in a controlled and isolated environment), the only supported Web Part implementation is the ASP.NET Web Part. This is due to the sandboxing restrictions that don t allow you to dynamically load a user control or use the SharePoint Web Part implementation. Here are the main benefits of using ASP.NET Web Parts:
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<local:ColumnGraphRenderCtrl x:Name="graphCtrl" Grid.Column="1" Height="Auto" Width="Auto"/> read data barcode
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Database mirroring
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public object[] ConvertBack(object value, Type[] targetTypes, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) { ConvertBack throw new NotImplementedException(); method } } }
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floating-point number, is known as float in C#, Single in Visual Basic .NET, and float32 in IL. This cross-language type system is known as Common Type System (CTS), and it extends beyond the primitive types. The CTS defines how types are declared, used, and managed in the runtime, and it establishes the basis for crosslanguage integration. In fact, it provides an object-oriented model that supports the implementation of many modern programming languages, and it defines rules to ensure that objects written in different languages can interoperate. As we see in table 2.1, not all primitive types are directly supported in every language. Visual Basic .NET provides a built-in Date type that is not provided by C#. Likewise, C# s unsigned integer types are not supported by Visual Basic .NET, and IL does not have a decimal type. In such cases, you can always use the underlying .NET type directly:
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If you re scratching your head wondering how the Key-Value Observing framework knew that the Chameleon object received a -setColor: message, it was done with a little bit of magic called isa swizzling. It s described in a bit more detail in 26. KVO exploits the dynamic nature of Objective-C objects. When the watcher requests to observe the Chameleon object, the KVO framework spontaneously creates a new Objective-C subclass of Chameleon, overrides its -setColor: method, and changes the class of the object to the new subclass. When the Chameleon object later receives a -setColor: message, the method of the synthetic subclass gets invoked. The subclass method calls [super setColor:newColor] and then sends the requested property change notifications to its observers. It s fast, effective, and completely transparent to the observed object. KVO only overrides the setter methods of the properties being observed, so there is no performance penalty for other methods. If you later remove all the observers of an object, KVO will change the object back to its original class.
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has been updated. In SQL Server 2008, this is fairly simple. Make sure you re in the right database for your catalog (in this case, AdventureWorks2008) and execute the stored procedure:
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For example, when you click on your iPad in the left nav bar, you will see tabs across the top of the main window that show information related to your device. When you click on the iTunes store in the left nav bar, then you see tabs related to the store in the main window. To see this screen: 1. 2. Start up iTunes software on your computer. Connect your iPad to your computer with the white USB cable supplied with the device. Plug one end into the bottom of the iPad near the Home button and plug the other end into a USB port on your computer. If you have successfully connected your iPad, you should see your iPad listed under DEVICES in the left nav bar. Click on your iPad in the left nav bar, then click on the Summary tab on the left edge of the main window (see Figure 3 1). If you want to be able to drag-and-drop music and videos onto your iPad, you need to check the box next to Manually manage music and videos.
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... .locals (int32 V_0, object V_1, int32 V_2) IL_0000: ldc.i4.s 123 IL_0002: stloc.0 IL_0003: ldloc.0 IL_0004: box [mscorlib]System.Int32 IL_0009: stloc.1 IL_000a: ldloc.1 IL_000b: unbox [mscorlib]System.Int32 IL_0010: ldind.i4 IL_0011: stloc.2 ... // // // // // // // // // // i, o, and j load 123 store in i load i box i store ref in o load o unbox ref load value via ref store in j
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Figure 3-7. The Parameter Storage window
Remember back in 2 when you learned how you can use the General Preferences pane to choose from a variety of layouts in the Xcode Workspace. The default layout provides detached views for the different tools, including the two you re going to learn about in this chapter. The All-In-One layout puts these two tools into a second panel in the main window, and you can get access to this panel using the Page toolbar buttons (see Figure 7 1). Which layout you use is a personal preference you have access to the same features whichever you use but I tend to use the All-In-One layout because I prefer to keep everything in one window. It s worth noting one other feature in the toolbar: the Active Configuration drop-down list. You can use this to select the active build configuration. By default, new projects are in Debug mode, which simply means that the products are built with debugging symbols available. You will come back to this much later in the book, when you create a release version of an application. For now, ensure that you leave the Active Configuration as Debug. What is a debugger, anyway In a nutshell, the Xcode debugger is a collection of tools that allow you to monitor your application as it runs, providing you with information about the current state of the program line by line. Effective use of the debugger will give
Data Protection and Synchronization
The numbers listed for the page indicate database ID (6), file ID (1), and page ID (351). The object that owns the page can be identified using DBCC PAGE, but in this case, it s not necessary, as the name of the table is given later in the deadlock graph in the list of resources. If DBCC Page were to be used, it would show that the page 6:1:351 belongs to a table with the ID 85575343. Using the Object_Name function reveals that the table s name is Threads. The procedure that the second process was running is WF.dbo.ViewForum and the statement began on line 9.
When Is Your Contact List Most Useful
Resuming a Song
Note Scripts are run without think time.
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