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[TestFixture] public class SharedStateCorruption { Person person = new Person();
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13.2.1 Building a control library Right-click the ControlsInAction solution, and select Add New Project. Select WPF Custom Control Library (as opposed to WPF User Control Library), and name this new project WpfInActionControls (figure 13.6). We should point out the following things about the project:
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Foundations of full-text searching
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private Timer timer; private ToolTip tooltip; private Container components; } }
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A common issue when starting to use NHibernate is making sure all your mappings are sent to NHibernate; if you miss one, you ll get an exception. When building the session factory, it will be a MappingException with a comment containing ... refers to an unmapped class: YourClass. When executing a query, it will be a QueryException with a comment like possibly an invalid or unmapped class name was used in the query. To solve this issue, the first step is to set log4net to the INFO level (you ll learn how to do that in section 3.3.2). Then read the log to make sure NHibernate read your mappings; you should find a message like Mapping class: Namespace.YourClass -> YourClass. If it isn t the case, then check your initialization code to make sure you included the mappings. If you use AddAssembly(), make sure the hbm.xml files are embedded in your assembly. On the other hand, you may get a DuplicateMappingException if you add a mapping many times. For example, avoid adding both the XML and the attributes-based mapping.
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The code in listing 8.24 is not earth-shattering, but shows how easy it is to add customized logic to an existing class in our project. This is particularly important if the mapping portion of the class is going to be regenerated by Visual Studio. Some other areas that already use the partial code methodology within Visual Studio include the WinForms and ASP.NET designers. In both cases, Microsoft split the functionality between two files to keep the development focused on the custom business logic and hide the details and fragility of the designer-generated code. With the combined class, we can now create a LINQ query leveraging both the mapped class and our new FormattedName property as shown in listing 8.25. Be aware that you cannot project into an anonymous type containing an unmapped property. Thus we have to select the entire Author object in the Select clause when working with LINQ to SQL.
10.5.1 Defining the appearance Defining the appearance of a UserControl involves creating the XAML for the user interface. This process is the same as defining the UI for a page in Silverlight because every page in Silverlight is a UserControl. The XAML for the UserControl (LockableTextBox) is shown in listing 10.12.
There are a few features that Box2D has that Chipmunk doesn t offer. For example, it has a solution for fast-moving objects (bullets) that solves the tunneling problem I mentioned earlier. If you re not very familiar with C++, you may find the steep learning curve of the C++ language daunting. To that end, the Chipmunk physics engine may be more welcoming to you if you re more familiar with C language syntax or prefer a lightweight implementation of a physics engine that is easier to pick up and learn. Its being part of the cocos2d distribution for many months longer than Box2D has also spawned more tutorials and forum posts about Chipmunk, although Box2D tutorials are catching on. One warning ahead of time: Chipmunk uses C structures, which expose internal fields. If you re experimenting and don t know what certain fields are used for, and they re not documented, that means you should not change them as they are only used internally. There is also the popular Chipmunk SpaceManager, which adds an easy-to-use Objective-C interface to Chipmunk. SpaceManager also makes it easy to attach cocos2d sprites to bodies and adds debug drawing, among other things. You can download Chipmunk SpaceManager here: In terms of functionality, you can safely choose either engine. Unless your game relies on one particular feature that one physics engine has and the other doesn t, you can use either one to great effect. Especially if you have no familiarity with either physics engine, feel free to choose the one that appeals to you more based on the language and coding style. I will now introduce you to the basics of both physics engines for the rest of this chapter, so that you can decide for yourself which one appeals to you more. In the next chapter, you ll learn how to build a playable pinball game with bumpers, flippers, and lanes built with Box2D and the VertexHelper tool.
If this example runs, passing the name of the .exe in, it will generate the following output: Name: MyEnum Namespace: Base Class: System.Enum Name: MyClass Namespace: Base Class: System.Object Name: MyStruct Namespace: Base Class: System.ValueType Name: Test Namespace: Base Class: System.Object
C #define MAX_ZOMBIES 999 #define MANY_ZOMBIES (MAX_ZOMBIES-100) Once the MAX_ZOMBIES text macro is defined, any subsequent occurrence of the token MAX_ZOMBIES will be replaced with the text 999 . The preprocessor will rewrite the statement if (zombieCount>=MAX_ZOMBIES) by replacing the token. The Objective-C compiler will ultimately compile the statement if (zombieCount>=999). The Objective-C compiler never sees the MAX_ZOMBIES symbol, since preprocessor token replacement is performed before the C language compiler phase. Token substitution is performed on word boundaries and does not occur inside literal strings or comments. Token substitution is recursive. The code if (zombieCount>MANY_ZOMBIES) would be replaced with if (zombieCount>(MAX_ZOMBIES-100)), which would then be replaced with if (zombieCount>(999100)). Include parentheses around any preprocessor macros that include operators to avoid unexpected evaluation order. Also note that preprocessor macros are not C language statements. They do not use equal signs for assignment and are not terminated with a semicolon. Doing so would include those symbols in the substituted text. The directive #define MAX_ZOMBIES = 999; would turn the C statement if (zombieCount>=MAX_ZOMBIES) into if (zombieCount>== 999;), ultimately resulting in a compiler error.
Moving slow work into a background thread
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