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First we ll set up a single binding for the table view. In fact, it s not the table view but the table column itself that needs a binding. We re going to bind the table column s displayed value to the characters array (through the array controller), grabbing the timestamp attribute from each model object. Here s how: click on the table column until it s selected, then open the Value binding configuration section in the Bindings Inspector. Choose characters from the popup list, then arrangedObjects in the Controller Key combo box, then timestamp in the Model Key Path, and click the Bind checkbox. We mentioned earlier that the Controller Key combo box lets you choose different aspects of the controller object you re binding through. In this case, binding through arrangedObjects means that we re binding to the entire sorted array of objects. This sort of binding is usually only appropriate for view objects that can display an entire array of content, such as a table column. Choosing timestamp for the Model Key Path tells the table column which value it should pull from each model object it gets access to.
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Figure 5 2. Moving icons from one page to another
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where streamID is the image identifier. All is great, except the fact that the stream identifier doesn t have a file extension, and IIS will have no clue as to how to process this request. Therefore, IIS will complain with a Page not found exception.
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Changing the Method of Authentication
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Get the column types and the column names on the first time through this loop:
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-(void) createStaticBodyWithVertices:(b2Vec2[])vertices numVertices:(int)numVertices { b2BodyDef bodyDef; bodyDef.position = [Helper toMeters:[Helper screenCenter]]; b2PolygonShape shape; shape.Set(vertices, numVertices); b2FixtureDef fixtureDef; fixtureDef.shape = &shape; fixtureDef.density = 1.0f; fixtureDef.friction = 0.2f; fixtureDef.restitution = 0.1f; b2Body* body = world_->CreateBody(&bodyDef); body->CreateFixture(&fixtureDef); }
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CHAPTER 7: Core Data Basics
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The cloud will be cheaper, more reliable, more secure, and easier to use. Relentless economies of scale are driving down cloud providers costs as cloud providers build bigger data centers, get volume discounts from commodity hardware providers, demand better rates from power companies, and continue to use as much open-source software as possible. Fierce competition keeps prices low. As de facto standards emerge and with the promise of more widely adopted international standards to come, less and less lock-in will be possible; that will further drive competition until cloud services are a pure commodity based almost entirely on price. Meanwhile, competition and strident demand from customers will force cloud providers to promise stronger SLAs to which they ll have to adhere. Most providers will have multiple locations each with excess capacity to compensate hardware or network failures by moving workloads to different banks of servers or entirely different facilities if the failure is broad in scope. The effort expended to make clouds more secure and compartmentalized for data integrity and for privacy will pay dividends in the long term. Ultimately, as we have noted, even the public clouds will provide better data security and protection than the vast majority of either government or enterprise data centers. Because data in transit and data stored in cloud storage facilities will remain encrypted in all types of clouds, data security in non-cloud data centers will improve as they adopt best practices initially demonstrated by the public and private clouds.
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When creating a timer object, you specify the time interval in seconds, an optional context object, and a flag that determines if the timer repeats. The target of the timer is either an NSInvocation object or a receiving object pointer and method identifier pair. The method must expect to receive the NSTimer object pointer as its only parameter and return void. The receiver can use the timer object s userInfo property to retrieve the supplementary context object. NSTimer objects can be created using any of the +timerWithTimeInterval: messages and later scheduled to run on a run loop using -[NSRunLoop addTimer:forMode:]. However, it is simpler to create and schedule the timer to run using a single +scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval: message. Listing 15-2 used a separate thread to invoke a heartbeat message on the main thread approximately every half-second. Listing 15-12 provides an equivalent, and far more frugal, solution using a timer.
_feedItems = new BulletedList(); _feedItems.DisplayMode = BulletedListDisplayMode.HyperLink; this.Controls.Add(_feedItems); this.ChildControlsCreated = true; } private void feedFetched() { if(_asyncTask != null && _asyncTask.FeedData != null) { XElement feed = _asyncTask.FeedData;
Connected servers
CHAPTER 8: Core Data Relationships
return s;
Freeform reports with side-by-side data regions As we said at the beginning of this chapter, data regions can coexist peacefully next to one another and each of them can be bound to its own dataset. This could be useful when you need to have sections in your report that draw data from separate datasets. One practical application of using side-by-side regions is creating summary reports. The Employee Sales by Territory with Summary report does exactly this. Figure 4.18 shows the new report. The report has a summary section at the top to summarize territory sales data. To design the report, we created a new dataset (dsTerritorySummary). Then, we added a new table region (tblSummary) before the lstTerritory region and populated it with the fields from the dataset, as shown in figure 4.19. With RS, one report can have many regions of different types placed side by side. However, as we mentioned in chapter 3, you should try to limit the number of the report datasets for performance reasons. Giving only text-oriented reports to users may not be enough. For example, marketing people love charts so that they can spot business trends more easily. The next section teaches you how to design chart reports.
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