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Getting to the iTunes Store
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PS (1) > "this is a string".ToUpper()
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The first step is as simple as dropping a new file into a folder. The second step involves some modification to MainPage.xaml; and the third step is what you d normally do in any application, so we ll skip it here.
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to do things in new, simpler, more concise ways. The usual trade-off to get these benefits is performance. LINQ is no exception. The goal of this section is to make sure you know the performance implications of LINQ queries. We ll show you how to get an idea of LINQ s overhead and provide some figures. We ll also highlight the main pitfalls. If you know where they are, you ll be in a better position to avoid them. As always, we have several ways to perform one task with the .NET Framework. Sometimes, the choice is only a matter of taste, other times it s a matter of conciseness, but more often than not, making the right choice is critical and impacts the behavior of your program. Some methods are well adapted for LINQ queries and others should be avoided. In this section, we ll test the performance of several ways to use LINQ. We ll also compare code written with LINQ and code written without LINQ. The goal is
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Managing all subscriptions Users with Manage All Subscriptions rights can manage the subscriptions they own plus those of other users. The Report Manager doesn t include a screen that shows a single view of all subscriptions. Instead, you need to drill down to individual reports to see the subscriptions associated with each report. For example, to see all time-based subscriptions, the administrator would follow these steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Click the Manage Shared Schedules link from the Site Settings menu. Select the schedule of interest. View the reports linked to that schedule. Click the Subscriptions tab for each report to get to the subscriptions associated with that report.
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A complete description of tools used to detect memory leaks and overrelease bugs is described in Apple s Technical Note 2124: Mac OS X Debugging Magic. 1
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A Walk-Through of the Program Portal Process
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LINQ to SQL and the data access layer
Sorting the Files
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