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Develop Data Matrix in Java 15: Working with Files

Continuing our efforts with string encodings, we ll now define accessors for stringEncodingName, this time adding a setter into the mix (because this value will be settable from the popup button). As before, we implement keyPathsForValuesAffectingStringEncodingName, this time adding chosenEncoding as one of the keys to watch for. The stringEncodingName method has two main execution paths. If chosenEncoding has been set (say, the user has picked an encoding from the popup list), we simply look up the name of the chosen encoding in the dictionary we defined earlier. Otherwise, we actually read the file s contents with stringWithContentsOfFile:usedEncoding:error: and use the resulting encoding to look up the name of the discovered encoding (or return a brief problem description if no encoding could be discovered). The setStringEncodingName: method is quite simple. We do a reverse lookup in the dictionary to find the key (a string containing the integer value of the encoding) corresponding to the chosen encoding. This method is called when the user selects an encoding name in the popup.
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10. This simple operation has generated a diagram with the dragged table and some code (which you can view by selecting the related ,vb file in Solution Explorer). Now you can drag the Person table from Server Explorer and drop it into the DLinq Designer. The final result is shown in Figure 2-22. Because the Role and Person tables have defined a foreign key relation, the DLinq Designer creates an association between the two entity classes automatically.
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Table 5.3 Runtime-controllable properties of the out-of-browser host window Description Gets or sets the position of the window Gets of sets the size of the window Set to true to make the Silverlight application float above all other windows Useful for certain types of utility applications, but don t abuse Get or set the state of the window Possible values are Normal, Minimized, and Maximized Read-only Returns a Boolean indicating whether the window is currently active Attempts to activate the application window by bringing it to the foreground and setting focus to it
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<script type="text/javascript"> function appDownloadProgressChanged(sender, args) { var progressTextBlock = sender.findName("progressTextBlock"); progressTextBlock.Text = (Math.round(args.progress * 100)) + "%"; } function appDownloadComplete(sender, args) {} </script>
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Sangeetha Shekar s blog series Plan Cache Concepts Explained, on the SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog, begins with this entry: 08/plan-cache-concepts-explained.aspx.
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CHAPTER 19: Working with Contacts
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SELECT ST.Name AS Territory, PC.ProductCategoryID, PC.Name AS ProductCategory, SUM(SOD.UnitPrice * SOD.OrderQty) AS Sales
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Avoid saving your custom program files under the AutoCAD installation folder tree. Instead, create Tip
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a Within the handler, if the album is empty then simply return. b. Set the current position in the album to the selected photograph. c. Display a Photo Properties dialog box for the photograph at the current position. d. If the user modifies the properties, mark the album as changed and update the list.
CHAPTER 15: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
- (void)formatCommandLine; - (void)saveData:(NSString *)fname; - (void)loadData:(NSString *)fname; - (void)initToDefaults; @end
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