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The basic concept behind Flower Garden came together pretty quickly: the user could plant different types of seeds and water and care for them over time, and the seeds would grow into full plants and blossom. Then, the flowers could be cut, arranged into bouquets, and sent to anyone through e-mail and Facebook. To get started, I learned all I could about flower morphology, created a PC prototype of the flower-growing technology, and ported everything to the iPhone. That whole process took about a month and a half. The rest was a matter of fleshing out the application: creating different seed types, coming up with an intuitive interface, cutting flowers and sending bouquets, and adding the plant-caring element. At that point, the rendering of the flowers was very simple. I had decided not to go for a realistic look because the techniques I would need to apply just weren t possible on an iPhone without pixel shaders and powerful graphics hardware. So, instead I went for a fairly plain, almost illustrated look to the flowers using OpenGL ES 1.1, which is available in all models of the iPhone and iPod touch. The animation of the flowers swaying in the wind and reacting to the touch was very effective and really made those simple renderings come alive. It was all coming along great, but something started bothering me: as I worked with the graphic designer on the look of the garden and the landscape in the background, the flowers started looking out of place. It s not that the flowers had gotten worse; they were still the simple, cartoony flowers they were at the beginning. But they were now surrounded by an almost photorealistic environment. It was like putting Mickey Mouse in a film noir picture, and the contrast was jarring. They just didn t belong there.
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When a text message is received, your iPhone will play an indicator tone or vibrate or both depending on your settings. An indicator will appear on the screen giving you the option of replying right away. When you see and/or hear the indicator, just touch Reply to go directly to the messaging screen and type your response, as shown previously. NOTE: If your screen is locked, you will see the message, but you won t have a Reply button. You will see a slide to view button. Just slide the Lock tab and you will see the message.
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#region Windows Form Designer generated code /// <summary> /// Required method for Designer support - do not modify /// the contents of this method with the code editor. /// </summary> private void InitializeComponent() { this.components = new System.ComponentModel.Container(); this.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(300,300); this.Text = "Form1"; } #endregion /// <summary> /// The main entry point for the application. /// </summary> [STAThread] Declare thread as single threaded apartment static void Main() { Application.Run(new Form1()); }
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No C/C++ runtime library exists. The same things such as string manipulation, file I/O, and other routines exist within the .NET Framework libraries and reside in the namespaces that start with System. C# uses exception handling instead of error returns.
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Next, we ll cut the Tire @implementation from CarParts-Split.m and paste it into Tire.m. You ll also need to add an #import "Tire.h" at the top. This is what Tire.m should look like:
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Figure 29-13. Beginning of the software update/restore process.
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TIP: To really control what Picture Frame displays, set up an album on your computer with only the images you are happy to have everyone see when the device is locked. Then sync that album to your iPad using iTunes. For help with this, check out 3 Sync with iTunes.
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Sizing it up
Using Ajax and JavaScript in Web Parts
Now select the Notes box, and change its Autosizing configuration so that it still resizes vertically, but no longer resizes horizontally, and allows its left-hand margin to be flexible (to leave room for the resizing table view). Do this by making the inner horizontal line and the left margin red line dashed, while leaving the other red lines solid, as shown in Figure 5-6.
The application loads the schema using the XML DOM. Because the schema defines XML namespaces, we use the XmlNamespaceManager to add the namespaces to the XML document. Then, we generate the table region columns and cells. For each cell, we set the field name to be the same as the column name. After that, we embed the data source information into the report definition, which includes the connection string and dataset schema. Finally, we save the RDL file to a location specified by the user in the Path to RDL text box. Once the report definition is generated, we can test the report by loading the file in a BI project and previewing the report. There will be cases when the AW Ad Hoc Reporter will not be enough (OK, I am also modest, am I not ). Currently, Microsoft doesn t provide an ad hoc reporting tool. To fill the void, you can use third-party offerings, as you see in the next section.
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