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Here is our hypothetical scenario that will drive the capacity-planning effort for Adventure Works. As we ve mentioned on several occasions throughout this book, Adventure Works Cycles (AWC) is blessed with success. The company is expanding by acquiring some of its competitors. As a part of this process, the IT management needs to plan for growth. You ve been tasked with determining whether the reporting infrastructure can handle an increased load that is expected to be 10 times greater than before. To estimate the impact, you decide to perform a capacity-planning study by following the steps we just discussed. You can find the ACT scripts we used in this chapter included in the book s source code under the Performance Testing folder.
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Grouping freeform data While table and matrix regions provide multiple levels of grouping within a single data region, lists can have only one group. This limitation might not be that obvious from the Grouping Properties dialog because it allows you to define multiple Group on expressions. It is important to note, though, that this will not result in true nested groups because you won t be able to aggregate the results at a group level. Instead, to create two nested groups using lists, you must place a list within another list. Let s consider an example. What if, for the Employee Sales report, we wanted to group by territory first and then by salesperson, so we could see the total sales amount per territory. Figure 4.16 shows what the revised Employee Sales by Territory report should look like. There is a new group now, which breaks down the employee sales data by territory. Although the screenshot doesn t show it, before the end of each territory group there is a textbox that totals the sales by that territory. At your first attempt, you might think that to create the new group you could define a new Group on expression using the Grouping Properties dialog. If you did this, however, you would find out that you couldn t create subtotals on the territory level. Instead, what you need to do is to add a new list (lstTerritory) and nest the 121
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The ImageUrl property of the Image control is set in the code-behind of the Visual Web Part user control using the ClientScript object of the current page. The ClientScript object has a method called GetWebResourceUrl, which takes two parameters. The first parameter is the type of the Web Part that s used to resolve the current assembly. The second parameter is the exact name of the resource that was used in the WebResource assembly attribute. The following code is added to the OnInit method to make the Web Part show the embedded resource:
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It s rare that you ll create new controls that derive directly from UIElement or FrameworkElement. Instead, you ll usually derive from Control or one of its descendents such as ContentControl. ContentControl provides functionality above and beyond Control by enabling the containment and templating of arbitrary content.
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The Anatomy of a Particle System
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This example also displays the digits 1 to 5. In this case, the loop condition is tested at the top of the loop. A.5.4 for The for statement is also used for repetition and will be familiar to C/C++ programmers. Unlike while and do, it is typically used when the number of iterations is known at the start of the loop:
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The various attribute classes defined for this purpose include the AssemblyVersionAttribute class supporting the file version number settings. In C#, the
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Pros: Provide good water protection Cons: May make the touch screen harder to use, usually do not protect from drops or bumps
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Figure 2-1. The Person table s structure
Clearly it works as intended. We said that $input is an enumerator. You may remember our discussion of enumerators from chapter 6 when we talked about the $foreach and $switch variables. The same principles apply here. You move the enumerator to the next element using the MoveNext() method and get the current element using the Current property. Here s the sum function rewritten using the enumerator members directly.
iPad Accessories
Figure 8.10 Being able to split the Terminal window lets you view past Terminal histories while continuing your work.
When you re surfing the Web, often you ll come across a link that will take you to another web site. Because Safari is a full-function browser, you can just touch the link and you will jump to a new page. If you want to return to the previous page, just press the Back arrow as shown earlier.
Click the Devices tab.
Next, let s just write out the first element of the array:
text-indent:-9999px; text-decoration:none; overflow:hidden; } a { background-image:url(images/blue.gif); } ul.fuchsia a { background-image:url(images/fuchsia.gif); } a { background-image:url(images/green.gif); } a#adidas { top:30px; background-position:0 0; } a#asics { top:65px; background-position:0 -27px; } a#brooks { top:100px; background-position:0 -54px; } a#newBalance { top:135px; background-position:0 -81px; } a#nike { top:170px; background-position:0 -108px; } a#saucony { top:205px; background-position:0 -135px; } Finally, download the sprite images: blue.gif, fuchsia.gif, and green.gif. Download the background image, container.gif, too. Put those four images in a folder aptly named images within the folder you put eight.html and eight.css in. If you are unfamiliar with sprites, they work by sliding an image to different coordinates by way of the CSS property background-position. As Figure 8 1 illustrates, this enables us to combine all 12 link images into a single image, which improves load time.
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