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Integrated ECC200 in Java 8: Variable Data Types

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PS (5) > get-command -commandtype cmdlet get-date CommandType ----------Cmdlet Name ---Get-Date Definition ---------Get-Date [[-Date] <D...
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More .NET
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Figure 2.1 The Terminal program functions as an xterm in the Mac OS X environment, which you can customize to use different shells.
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Arrays are represented as a list of values, which can be of any type. Again from the specification, here s an example of an array with an integer, string, and boolean values:
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Finding functional dependencies
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CHAPTER 16: Maps
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his book would not be complete without an overview of some tools and basic techniques you can use while writing code. From database testing to UI testing and web testing, this appendix lists tools you should consider. Some of them are used for integration testing, and some allow unit testing. I ll also mention some that I think are good for beginners. The tools and techniques listed below are arranged in the following categories: Isolation frameworks Test frameworks Dependency injection and IoC containers Database testing Web testing UI testing Thread-related testing Acceptance testing
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ASP.NET provides a new tracing feature to aid the developer in testing applications
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(signed char), which uses 8 bits of storage. YES is defined as 1 and NO as 0 (using #define). Objective-C doesn t treat BOOL as a true Boolean type that can hold only YES or NO values. The compiler considers BOOL to be an 8-bit number, and the values of YES and NO are just a convention. This causes a subtle gotcha: if you inadvertently assign an integer value that s more than 1 byte long, such as a short or an int value, to a BOOL variable, only the lowest byte is used for the value of the BOOL. If that byte happens to be zero (as with 8960, which in hexadecimal is 0x2300), the BOOL value will be zero, the NO value.
The following characters are considered to be words on their own, and even if they re found right next to another valid word, they will be counted as their own items: &*+><@\\^_`|~
Any application that can communicate with your Report Server can provide a link or button that points to this URL. Let s examine the Report Builder application as it appears when it is first launched. As shown in figure 7.21, when the Report Builder opens you see the Getting Started pane to the right of some empty gray space. This pane provides a user interface for opening saved reports and creating new ones. The New section displays a list of all of reports from the Report Server models that you have access to. The Report Layout section allows you to choose one of three report types: Table, Matrix, or Chart. You should recognize these from chapter 4. For now, select the AWC report model, then choose Table (columnar) as the Report Type, and click OK. You re now ready to create your first table report.
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