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The Apple menu is a system-wide menu you can customize. It enables direct and centralized access to commonly used items such as programs, system settings, printers, and network servers.
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Figure 26-7. The main Automator workflow window with the Run AppleScript action In this chapter, you ll be dealing with the two later points.
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The first time you open this dialog box, select the target framework for your project. The default framework in Visual Studio is version 4.0, but SharePoint 2010 is based on Microsoft .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1, so select version 3.5 as your target framework. Visual Studio will change your project so that .NET Framework 3.5 is used even if you select version 4 when you create SharePoint projects. You change the target framework using the dropdown list in the New Project dialog box. After selecting the framework, look at the SharePoint templates in the template category selector on the left, as shown in figure 3.1. Select Visual C# > SharePoint > 2010 to view the available templates for SharePoint 2010 development. Depending on your Visual Studio edition and the extensions you ve installed, the templates will vary. Because SharePoint is based on Microsoft .NET, you can use the language of your choice, such as Visual Basic, F#, or C++. If you prefer to use Visual Basic, select Visual Basic > SharePoint > 2010 to display those templates, which are exactly the same as for C#. This book will use C# in all code and samples. The reason for choosing C# is that it s currently the most popular .NET programming language and you ll find most samples and demos on the Internet and that sites such as CodePlex use it. In the New Project dialog box, specify the name of your project, the solution, and the location in the file system. A Visual Studio 2010 solution is a collection of projects; you can add more projects later. Don t confuse the Visual Studio solution with a SharePoint 2010 solution: each project based on the SharePoint templates will result
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While Wi-Fi connections can be fairly reliable, you can count on cellular network connections disconnecting or timing out on a regular basis. For this reason, you may want to implement some form of connection healing that resumes dropped connections. Of course, you don t want to restart a download from the beginning of the file. So, the first thing you ll need is a server that supports delivery of a range of bytes from a file. Most modern web servers do this out of the box using the HTTP Range header. Once you have the ability to download a partial file, the rest is straightforward code modification that can be limited to the AudioRequest class (this is one of the benefits of a clean code factoring). Let AudioRequest keep track of how many bytes have been downloaded, and when a connection drops, it can issue a new NSURLConnection request for the offset location where you left off. Figure 6-6 demonstrates how a file may be split into several requests due to dropped connections.
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Indexers, Enumerators, and Iterators
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Creating sample utility sp_getcolumns
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As you d expect, the result is the same as the previous listing. But now the code is arguably easier to read, contains four fewer elements (three fewer transforms and no transform group), and is slightly more efficient due to the use of a single set of transformation matrices multiplied together in a single function. Once all the tooling switches over to using this approach, it ll be much simpler to animate transforms without having to remember lengthy and error-prone property paths for the nested transform elements. Having said that, we actually had the ability to do all of this in previous versions of Silverlight using the MatrixTransform.
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Now, if you want to see an example of the amount of redundancy eliminated because we chose to separate the two principal entities and implemented two XML Schemas instead of one, look at the XML examples containing partial discography data of two well-known rock bands published at http:/ / Dives (both XML Schemas are also located there).
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Blueberries are my favorite fruit my mom nicknamed me Blueberry as a child for that reason and because it rhymes with Terry so I took it pretty hard when Wild Maine Blueberry died. I may have even stopped talking for a while. But time heals all wounds. Or in this case, an ice cream maker did. So, now I churn my own Wild Maine Blueberry from the following recipe. Note that I puree one of the two cups of wild Maine blueberries, the pulp for which is removed with the vanilla pod and seeds by straining the French-style custard through a fine mesh sieve.
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Provider Connections
There are many other methods and functions for manipulating the structures that define classes and objects at runtime. The functions highlighted in this chapter let you perform the common forms of introspection, through which you can examine almost every aspect of an object and its class. If you need to dig even deeper (no pun intended), I highly recommend reading Apple s Objective-C 2.0 Runtime Reference. 3
PS (11) > $pair = $one,$two PS (12) > $2d[ $pair ] a b
Design patterns
The exitContext parameter of WaitOne controls how the method behaves when invoked from within a synchronized context. If WaitOne is invoked in a synchronized context and the exitContext parameter is not true, deadlock will likely occur.
21.3.3 Tag your blog entries with Technorati Tags
Create code adapter classes (called fixtures) that can wrap your production code and represent actions that a user might take against it. For example, if it were a banking application, you might have a bankingAdapter class that has withdraw and deposit methods. Create HTML tables using a special syntax that the FitNesse engine recognizes and parses. These tables will hold the values that will be run during the tests. You write these tables in pages in a specialized wiki website that runs the FitNesse engine underneath, so that your test suite is represented to the outside world by a specialized website. Each page with a table (which you can see in any web browser) is editable like a regular wiki page, and each has a special execute tests button. These tables are then parsed by the testing runtime and translated into test runs. Click the Execute Tests button on one of the wiki pages. That button invokes the FitNesse engine with the parameters in the table. Eventually, the engine calls your specialized wrapper classes that invoke the target application and asserts on return values from your wrapper classes.
You can now specify categories at the channel level or at the item level by using the <category> element. Multiple categories are allowed. If you are using a well-known taxonomy or categorization system, you can note that by specifying the URI of the taxonomy in the optional domain attribute.
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