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If you leave the policy file out or don t have the server mapped correctly, you ll receive a rather long-winded CommunicationException that tells you the socket connection was forbidden. To test, open your browser and browse to
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Also note that, unlike Python lambdas, PowerShell scriptblocks can contain any collection of legal PowerShell statements.
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In the colocation case, you can assume the same CAPEX expense as in the internal IT model. In the internal IT model, you ignore the ongoing OPEX cost associated with running the application because you assume the cost is absorbed somewhere else. In a colocation deployment, there is an ongoing OPEX cost for the rack space and the bandwidth. For this deployment, you should be able to get by with half a rack and, let s say, 10 Mbits of bandwidth. You should be able to purchase this on an annual contract for about $1,000/month. This yields a total monthly cost of $1,861/month for the colocation model (see table 3.2).
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Give the content type a name such as Proposal. Inherit from Document, which is in the Documents group. Click Advanced Settings. Choose Upload a New Document Template and browse to the share where your document is published. Add the content type to the document library where users will create invoices.
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n part 1, we focused on preinstallation planning and the installation process itself. The next four chapters will focus on postinstallation configuration tasks, including securing an installation, configuring a SQL Server instance, using policy-based management, and configuring data.
Table 11.1 Binding modes
TextReader and TextWriter classes, 389 this. syntax, 32 threading and asynchronous operations and access reordering, 324 328 asynchronous calls, 331 340 joining threads, 329 330 using WaitHandle, 330 331 volatile, 327 328 example of multithreading bug, 315 319 overview, 315 thread-safe techniques, 319 323 threads description, 328 using Join( ) method, 329 330 using WaitHandle abstract class, 330 331 thread-safe techniques, 319 avoiding data sharing, 320 interlocked operations, 322 potential problem with EndInvoke( ), 337, 339 synchronized method, 322 using exclusion primitives Monitor class, 320 321 mutexes and semiphores, 322 323 using immutable objects, 320 waiting for thread completion, 336 337 ToLower( ), string modification method, 158 ToolTips, 441 ToString( ) function, 159, 203, 283 285 ToUpper( ), string modification method, 158 TreeView control, adding icons, 420 Trim( ) string modification method, 158 TrimEnd( ) string modification method, 158 TrimStart( ) string modification method, 158 try-catch-finally statement, 112 type, finding the members of, 466 467 type operators, 126 as, 127 is, 126 127 type of, 126 type parameter in generics, 146 type support checking with interfaces, 86 87
It is important to realize that our new reference refers to the assembly produced by the MyPhotoAlbum project, and not the project itself. Visual Studio automatically uses the correct path when compiling the MyPhotos project to pick up the most recent MyPhotoAlbum library from the corresponding project. If you are not using Visual Studio .NET to build your program, you will need to establish the correct library location manually. The command-line tools discussed in chapter 1 are used for this purpose. The next section provides a short discussion on this topic. 5.2.2 USING THE COMMAND-LINE TOOLS As we saw in chapter 1, you can build Windows Forms applications without using Visual Studio .NET. The interactive environment makes a number of tasks easier, but also uses memory and other system resources. On a computer with limited resources, this can present some problems. If you have a favorite editor and are comfortable working with makefiles, you can create the examples in this book without using Visual Studio .NET. To create a class library such as MyPhotoAlbum.dll, create a MyPhotoAlbum directory for the library and place the required source files in it. In this case you would create a PhotoAlbum.cs file to hold the PhotoAlbum class source code, and create other files as required. You can create an AssemblyInfo.cs file as well, or simply include the version number and other assembly information at the top of your file as we did in chapter 1. The C# compiler (csc.exe) discussed in chapter 1 is used to produce both executables and libraries. The /target switch specifies the type of output file to produce.
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