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... new XElement("authors", from authorFullName in items[2].Split(';') let authorNameParts = authorFullName.Split(' ') select new XElement("author", new XElement("firstName", authorNameParts[0]), new XElement("lastName", authorNameParts[1]) ) ) ...
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Development tools
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introduced 339 report generation with WinForm clients 368 CLR. See Common Language Runtime clustered deployment 10 code access policy 537 code access security 197, 260, 296, 338 and custom assemblies 189 and custom delivery extensions 543 bypassing 284 code groups 284 configuration files 286 custom permission sets 287 dealing with unmanged resources 289 default RS settings 285 elevating 288 managing 286 overriding 283 overview 281 permission sets 284 policies 196, 281 282, 543 Code Editor 186 187 Code element 186 code generators 366 code groups 284 creating 287 Code keyword 190 Code member 184 code profilers 569, 589 code sample Access Options 312, 583 Ad Hoc Reporter 56 Adventure Works Data Miner 424 Adventure Works Enterprise Reporter 458 Adventure Works Report Viewer 399 Adventure Works Report Wizard 342 Adventure Works Web Reporter 383 ApplicationDataset 408 AW Campaigner 327
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WCF RIA Services
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Drag-and-Drop Behavior
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Then, drag and drop the icon onto the Bottom Dock now that you have an empty space for it.
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<UserControl.Resources> <local:Person x:Key="me" /> </UserControl.Resources>
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NOTE: The NSStringFromClass method is very helpful in this example for printing out the name of the class without having to enter dozens of matching strings. It s one of the cool runtime features of the Objective-C language that you re able to get a class s name as a string. Try to do that in C++ and you ll be biting your toenails. For gameplay code, the NSStringFromClass and related methods hardly play any role, but they re very helpful debugging and logging tools. You can find a complete list and description of these methods in Apple s Foundation Function Reference: mac/library/documentation/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/Miscellaneous/Found ation_Functions/Reference/reference.html. If you use one of these example effects in your own project, you might be shocked to see ugly, square pixels. Figure 9 2 shows this effect very clearly. This occurs because the built-in particle effects try to load a specific texture named fire.png, which is
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Mark Davis, Unicode Technical Standard #35, Locale Data Markup Language, tr35-6.html, 2006.
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Silverlight has a highly extensible layout system. Imagine if other technologies allowed you to easily create your own elements with completely custom layout algorithms. HTML, for one, would be much more creative if you could encapsulate all that div manipulation into something that works as a first-class citizen on any page. Custom panels and custom controls provide the ability to augment Silverlight with your own requirements and your own ideas of how things should work. They provide a way to extend the system, building upon the same foundations used in all of the other built-in elements. They let you do things the designers and developers of Silverlight may not have considered when building the platform. Creating a custom panel is easy once you learn to express the layout algorithm as a pair of measure and arrange steps. Silverlight handles calling these steps when
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If you have multiple e-mail accounts set up on your iPad, you should set one of them usually, the one you use most as your Default Account. When you simply select the Compose from the E-mail screen, the default account is always chosen. Follow these steps to change the e-mail account you send from by default.
When you compile a script in Script Editor, AppleScript will highlight each application-defined keyword by coloring it blue (the default setting), making them easier to spot when reading a script. Note that scripting addition defined keywords and some AppleScript-defined keywords are also styled this way; AppleScript doesn t distinguish between them.
CSContactMgr.dotnetsvr { System.Diagnostics; System.Xml.Serialization; System; System.Web.Services.Protocols; System.ComponentModel; System.Web.Services;
Once configured for data collection, a SQL Server instance is enabled with three default system collection sets and the ability to define custom sets if required. In both cases, there are a number of important considerations about upload frequencies/ methods and retention periods. All of these properties can be accessed and modified in SQL Server Management Studio under the Management > Data Collection folder by right-clicking on a collection set and choosing Properties.
ClickOnce is another technology that has been around for a while with .NET, but has been improved. ClickOnce is a deployment technology for automatically shipping out and then updating your applications. The user goes to a website and clicks a link for your application. Unlike XBAP, the application isn t hosted in the browser, but runs as a free-standing application. ClickOnce can even set up desktop icons to run your application again without going to the website. It will also detect changes from that website and automatically download newer versions as they become available. Almost all the caveats of XBAP exist for ClickOnce as well, although ClickOnce does have the ability to install .NET if required. It does the install via the use of an ActiveX control, so this may not be the best choice in a security-conscious environment.
Delete all text files in all subdirec- del /s *.txt tories of the current directory.
The StaticResource extension expects a single value that must match a key from an in-scope ResourceDictionary. The resource must also be defined syntactically before it s referenced. Because of this requirement, listing 23.3 won t work.
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