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The VBA Integrated Development Environment (VBAIDE)
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Active Directory accounts; however, MCMS users may be authenticated against a source other than Active Directory directory service.
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The second line redirects the log to the console, as shown in Figure 2-3.
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contents of your data. It supplies much the same information that database schemas give you, such as the tags (records and fields) contained within your document, how they are related to each other, and their data types.
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<Slider x:Name="distanceSlider" Grid.Column="1" Orientation="Vertical" Minimum="0" Maximum="10" Value="4" />
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Localizing code The first thing you ll localize are the controls you re creating for the user interface. This step is probably the hardest part of localization because all strings or resources in the source code of the Web Part have to be replaced with calls to utility methods. Fortunately the SPUtility class has a method called GetLocalizedString that you can use to localize strings. To use this method in a Web Part, you have to deploy the resource files for localization to the {SharePoint Root}\Resources folder or the App_GlobalResources folder in the web application. To localize a control in a Web Part, you have to add a resource file to the solution. Do so by adding a new item to the Web Part. Right-click the Web Part item in the Solution Explorer and select Add > New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, select the SharePoint 2010 category and then select the Global Resource File item and click Add. Always assign unique names to the resource files so that they don t overwrite resources from other solutions. When you click Add, Visual Studio asks which culture to use for the resource file. The first resource file you add should have the Invariant Language culture. When Visual Studio adds the file to the solution, it ll create a file using the filename specified, and if any other culture than the invariant is selected, it ll append the culture to the filename automatically. For example, if you name your resource file MyAppGlobalResources and select the English (United States) culture, Visual Studio will name the file MyAppGlobalResources.en-US.resx. You should always
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So far, you ve created a tight coupling between your database and the UI due to bringing the data structure through from back to front. RIA Services enables you to create entities that combine data from multiple entities in the data access layer for example, combining the Contact and Employee classes into a single logical entity. When using a presentation model, you can respond to changes in the database or database model by changing only how the presentation model aggregates that data. Also, you can simplify the client code by designing a model that aggregates only those fields that are relevant to users of the client. Although conceptually similar, the presentation model here shouldn t be confused with the Presentation Model pattern. The pattern shares some similar goals and approaches, but the RIA Services approach is more server-centric. I consider the presentation model to be one of the most important additions to WCF RIA Services in terms of making it work with best practices and patterns such as MVVM. As great as RIA Services is without it, it always bothered me that the data model was logically coupling the UI to the services to the data access layer to the database. Change one, and they all have to change not a good situation to be in. Ideally, you d have a good object-persistence mapper that would flatten objects and relationships and handle all this for you, along with the knowledge to use it. That alone would eliminate most uses of the presentation model approach, including the
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delegate Boolean FilterDelegate(Process process);
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Performance kiss of death factors in transactional replication
code of kError_fgets. If there was no error, we replace the carriage return at the end of the string with a zero byte terminator and then go back to the top of the for loop. When the for loop completes, we print the dividing line and check for an error again.
IList maxAmounts = new ArrayList(); foreach( Item item in results ) { double maxAmount = 0; foreach ( Bid bid in item.Bids ) { if( maxAmount < bid.Amount ) maxAmount = bid.Amount; } maxAmounts.Add( new MaxAmount( item.Id, maxAmount ) ); }
Go ahead and run the application and type some things into the text box. Not only do cut, copy, and paste all work now, you may also notice that they enable and disable correctly depending on whether or not the RichTextBox control is active and whether or not it has a selection. Now tell your boss you need a couple more days to implement the feature and catch up on all those movies you ve been missing. By the way, we re fully qualifying the names here (ApplicationCommands.Cut and so forth); but, for the built-in commands, it s also legal to just say Cut because the Command property has a converter that knows the built-in commands and can automatically find them by their shortened name. (The WPF developers were careful to avoid any dupes in the built-in commands.) When you implement your own commands, you do have to fully qualify them.
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