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Rhino Mocks is a widely used open source framework for mocks and stubs. It s also the framework used throughout this book for examples, and it s discussed more in chapter 5. Rhino Mocks is loaded with features and has recently moved to using the new arrange-act-assert syntax. You can get Rhino Mocks at
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function Get-MagicNumber ($path) Set $OFS to { empty string $OFS="" $mn = Get-Content -encoding byte $path -read 4 -total 4 $hex1 = ("{0:x}" -f ($mn[0]*256+$mn[1])).PadLeft(4, "0") $hex2 = ("{0:x}" -f ($mn[2]*256+$mn[3])).PadLeft(4, "0") [string] $chars = $mn| %{ if ([char]::IsLetterOrDigit($_)) { [char] $_ } else { "." }} "{0} {1} '{2}'" -f $hex1, $hex2, $chars Emit } output
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Querying Overall Styles from the Cascade
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Complete the window configuration by opening the Attributes Inspector and setting the window s title to Data Entry. Now, let s configure the array controllers a bit. Like before, our friendly assistant has given them some unwieldy names, Show Array Controller and Quote Array Controller. Edit each of those in the main nib window, changing them to Shows and Quotes, respectively. Now, select the Quotes controller, and open the Bindings Inspector. By default, each array controller will fetch all objects for the corresponding entity. We re going to change this one to only fetch quotes based on the selected Show. Open the Content Set binding, select Shows in the popup list, selection in the Controller Key combo box, and type in quotes in the Model Key Path combo box. Finally press Return to turn on the binding.
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ROW-LEVEL CONFLICT DETECTION In SQL Server 2000, column-level conflict detection was the default for merge replication, and this has changed to row-level conflict detection in SQL Server 2005. Which
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application that loads the AppKit framework (containing the NSStringDrawing category), injects these additional drawing methods into the base NSString class. An Objective-C command-line utility linked only to the Foundation framework (which contains no graphic drawing classes) does not load the AppKit framework and will not have these methods implemented for its NSString objects.
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Application type WinForm Web-based
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ThreadStart ThreadStartDelegate;
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Put threads to sleep when they need to perform actions at timed intervals. Listing 15-2 demonstrates a simple class that runs a heartbeat thread which updates a progress indicator no more than twice per second.
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Table 6. Networking Socially
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We defined all three clauses in this function. Each clause reports what it is and then prints out the values of some variables. The variable $x comes from the command line; the variable $c is defined in the begin clause, incremented in the process clauses, and displayed again in the end clause. The process clause also displays the value of the current pipeline object. Now let s run it. We ll pass the numbers 1 through 3 in through the pipeline and give it an argument 22 to use for $x. Here s what the output looks like:
In the fancier version of the application that you can download, we also have code here to get rid of Rectangles for NameValuePairs that have been deleted from the collection.
Given the key name firstName, this method call first checks to see whether the object has a method called setFirstName:, and if so, invokes it to set the value. If that doesn t work, it checks to see if there s an instance variable called firstName, and tries to set it directly. You can also retrieve a value in a similar manner:
CHAPTER 3: Doing Several Things at Once: Performance Enhancements with Threading
information is usually out of date by the time it reaches management. This problem arises with the natural growth of a company, and no matter how much effort you put into planning the systems and communicating with other departments, one application often will just not work for the entire organization. Each of these systems may also have a different interface that users must learn to interact with, plus separate login and password credentials. All of these things are barriers in front of your users that were supposed to be solved by system x. What we really need is a single portal for displaying and interacting with our business data even if that data resides in separate fit-for-purpose silos. Within this chapter, we ll discuss the issues that businesses face and how the Business Data Catalog can help resolve those issues. We ll then broadly explore the services that the Business Data Catalog provides, allowing us to elaborate on each service during the rest of the book. First, let s find out what life was like before the Business Data Catalog.
All of the discussions up to this point have covered the basics of programming in PowerShell. These same principles and features also apply to writing scripts. In fact, a script is simply a piece of PowerShell code stored in a file. If you ll remember, back in chapter 1 we talked about how PowerShell has the world s shortest Hello world program, which is
COM+ application in the Component Services Manager and select Properties, you will see the application s Properties dialog box. Click the Security tab (figure 9.19). You must select the checkbox Enforce Access Checks For This Application. In this case, we will be enabling security for the whole application, so we must enforce access checks at the application level. You should also carefully evaluate how deep you would like your security model to run into your component. If you would like to validate users only to the application level, select the Perform Access Checks Only At The Process Level option. With this option enabled, your system will check security only when a user makes a call into any component inside the application. Alternatively, if you want to check security at levels deeper than the application (i.e., the component, interface, or method level), choose Perform Access Checks At The Process And Component Level. Your system will then enable access checks on calls made at every level of the application. Next, you can administer security settings on each component inside your application. Right-click your component in the Component Services Manager and select Properties. The Security tab of the Properties dialog box (figure 9.20) allows you to enable component-level access checks. Once you enable this option, you can specify which COM+ roles have the security privileges to create an instance of your component by either checking or deselecting the role in the list box. Finally, let s go ahead and set the security properties of the _Contact interface. When you open the Properties dialog box and click the Security tab (figure 9.21), you ll see that you inherited three roles from the component. You can enable/disable these roles for the interface. At this level, all you need to do is specify which roles have access
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