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Next, for tableView:numberOfRowsInSection, I want you to remember something for all your future table view adventures:
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Using and configuring Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
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Figure 1.3 Report consumers submit report requests to the Report Server, which queries data sources to retrieve the report data and generate the report.
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public Form1() {
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WPF neither knows nor cares that the data came from LINQ. It just happily displays the data from the collection (figure 11.15). If we were using LINQ to SQL, the collection would probably be of useful entities (customers, for example), and we could use binding and data templates to pull whatever data we liked. If we were using LINQ to XML, we would get back XElement objects and could work with them via an XmlDataProvider. (The Xml- Figure 11.15 The data from binding to DataProvider understands XElements as well as XmlElements.) a LINQ result. WPF is There is one downside to binding to results that come back unaware that the from LINQ. You generally get back an IEnumerable collection, data came from which does not implement the INotifyCollectionChanged inter- LINQ it s just another collection. face. If items are added or removed from results (or, more likely, from the underlying data store that the query was run against), the binding won t know about it and so won t be updated. This is a pretty serious limitation. The most common workaround is to create a wrapper object that implements the interface itself and watches the data source to check for changes, but this is kind of a pain. There are also several people/groups who are working on a more LINQish solution. One good example is by an Australian developer, Paul Stovell. He s working on
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The persistence manager
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To set a favorite, touch the Favorite icon. To email the video, just touch the Share icon and your email will start with the link to the video in the body of the email. Type the recipient as we showed you in 15 when you sent a picture via email.
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Figure 4-8. An example from Dapple of the strange behavior that can occur as a result of a memory stomp
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The Go Back and Go Forward icons at the left end of the toolbar enable you to cycle forward and backward between currently loaded views. The Current View item displays the currently loaded entry. Clicking on this item displays a menu of all loaded views (see figure 3.16). From here, you can select different views to display in the pane. The Current Location item shows the cursor position within the current file. For example, if a source file is loaded and the cursor is on or within a method, Project Builder displays the method name. Like Current View, clicking on this item will show a menu that lists the file s functions or methods (see figure 3.17). Project Builder enables the Check Syntax icon when a source file is loaded. Clicking on this button will check the syntax of the file based on its language. The Display New Counterpart Syntax icon toggles between interface and implementation files. If an implementation file is loaded, clicking this button displays its interface file; if an interface file is loaded, clicking this button displays its implementation file. decode datamatrix
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This namespace defines basic functionality in the GDI, or graphical device interface, architecture. This includes the Graphics class for drawing to a device, as well as the Pen class for drawing lines and curves and the Brush class used to fill the interiors of
int finger_padding = 30; int fat_fingers_offset = 40; // we add a little bit more to the offset // ... snip
private void StartAnimation_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { ((Storyboard)Resources["AnimateTarget"]).Begin(); }
Building a custom Search Results page
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