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We want to show that a Visual isn t tied to a single shape. We want to demonstrate that the hit testing is fancy enough to handle complex shapes. We want an opportunity to put in another screenshot that doesn t look like one we ve already done.
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3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 ASP.NET A simple example Language best practices 41 Server controls 45 Error handling 47 34 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 State management 54 ASP.NET caching 56 The ASP.NET sample application 61 Summary 66
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Finally, we ll call fread() to read the dinosaur record into the array of chars pointed to by dinoName. The first fread() parameter is the pointer to the block of memory where the data will be read. The second parameter is the number of bytes in a single record. fread() expects both the second and third parameters to be of type size_t, so we ll use a typecast to make the compiler happy. (Gee, by the time we talk about typecasting in 11, you ll already be an expert!) The third parameter is the number of records to read in. We want to read in one record of kDinoRecordSize bytes. The last parameter is the FILE pointer we got from fopen().
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E-mailing a Web Page
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Compuware Application Expert
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I want to explain a bit about the differences between running commands using Invoke-Command, and running those same commands locally, as well as the differences between remoting and other forms of remote connectivity. For this entire discussion, I ll use this command as my example:
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The DimOrdinate object represents dimensioning text displaying the absolute value of the Xcoordinate or Y-coordinate of a given point. You use the AddDimOrdinate method to create a new ordinate dimension. Set DimOrdinateObject = Object.AddDimOrdinate(DefinitionPoint, _ LeaderEndPoint, UseXAxis) Table 11-9 shows the AddDimOrdinate method s parameters. Table 11-9. The AddDimOrdinate Method s Parameters
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NULL comparisons
/*************************> GetCommand <*/ char GetCommand( void ) { char command;
USE AdventureWorks; SET NOCOUNT ON; DECLARE @Results TABLE (CustomerID int NOT NULL, OrderDate datetime NOT NULL, SalesOrderID int NOT NULL, TotalDue money NOT NULL, RunningTotal money NULL, PRIMARY KEY (CustomerID, OrderDate, SalesOrderID));
Building pages and dashboards
Our first binding example is like a little TaskManager, in that it shows a list of all the processes; it s also unlike TaskManager, in that you can t do anything with the list of processes like shutting things down. Figure 11.2 shows what the final application will look like. To follow along, create a new WPF Application called ProcessMonitor. Then, create a new Window called Monitor.xaml. This is our main window, so you ll need to update the StartupURI in App.xaml to point to Monitor.xaml instead of Window1.xaml. If you re feeling especially tidy, you can go ahead and delete Window1.xaml it s kind of annoying anyway. With that done, we re ready to get started.
The first thing you ll want to learn is how to get to your favorite web pages. Just like on your computer, you type in the web address (URL) into the browser. 1. To start, tap the Address Bar at the top of the browser as shown in Figure 17 2. You ll then see the keyboard appear and the window for the address bar expand. If there is already an address in the window and you want to erase it, press the 3. 4. at the right end of the bar.
Visual Studio BI project with the newly generated report
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