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Table 12.1 OLTP vs. OLAP Warehouse Database Designed for data analysis Optimized for data retrieval and reporting Usually read-only data. New data is appended on a regular basis. May contain large volumes of data, often in the range of gigabytes or even terabytes Supports few concurrent users
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PS C:\> invoke-command -command { nothing } -computer notonline,server-r2 -asjob -jobname ThisWillFail WARNING: column "Command" does not fit into the display and was removed. Id -13 Name ---ThisWillFail State ----Running HasMoreData ----------True Location -------notonline,se...
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System.Collections.Generic. IEnumerable 162 System.Collections.Generic. List 162 into keyword 152, 166 InvalidCastException 163 IQueryable 108 109, 212, 252 254, 293, 366, 474 478, 493 CreateQuery 253 ElementType 252 Execute 253 Expression 252 253 how it works 480 implementation 479 and LINQ to Amazon 474 481 overview 477 Provider 252 IQueryProvider 252, 478 and LINQ to Amazon 474 481 See also IQueryable is Inheritance filtering 305 IsComposable 291 IsDbGenerated 241 242 IsDiscriminator 241 IsExpensive operator 450 IsForeignKey 243 ISingleResult 283 IsPrimaryKey 210, 241 IsUnique 243 IsVersion 241 242 <Item> 371 ItemAttributes 415 ItemId 408 ItemLookup service 406 iteration collections 195 Iterator.csproj 88 iterators 87 89 anonymous 45
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CHAPTER 7: Core Data Basics
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The initial construct should now start to make sense. The sequence ${c:old.txt} is a variable that references the filesystem provider through the C: drive and retrieves the contexts of the file named old.txt . With this simple notation, we read the contents of a file. No open/read/close we treat the file itself as an atomic value.
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Table 6.5 Binary and large object types .NET type System.Data.DbType
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where <modifiers> is optional, and must be an accessibility level or the keyword new. If unspecified, an interface is assigned the default accessibility level of the containing declarative scope. Multiple complementary modifiers may be specified. TYPES 651
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The query in listing 8 can help you identify which data and log files are causing the highest I/O waits. For example, perhaps you have a transaction log file on a slower RAID 5 array or LUN (which isn t a good idea). This query will help prove that the log file is causing user waits.
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For more information on how to connect to your Report Server using the SQL Server Management Studio, see chapter 8.
In general, throughput should be measured at the point just prior to failure criteria being met or when latency is less than 5 seconds, whichever occurs first. Depending on your configuration, other resources such as memory consumed, disk I/O, or network bandwidth might be identified as the performance-limiting factor.
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