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It will also generate a list of all running processes. The information, once collected, is stored in a compressed CAB file that you can send to Microsoft for analysis.
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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The TextBlock tag is still empty, but now we have a place to put content between the opening TextBlock and the closing /TextBlock tags. You can delete the slash and then type the closing tag, or you can cheat and delete both the slash and the closing >. Then, when you retype the > character, the editor will automatically create a closing
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If you re coming from another language like Java or C++, or from another platform like Windows or Linux, you may want to check out Appendix A, Coming to Objective-C from Other Languages, which points out some of the mental hurdles you ll need to jump to embrace Objective-C.
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The query operator is implemented as an extension method for the StreamReader class. (You can see more examples of custom query operators in chapter 13.) It enumerates the lines provided by the StreamReader one by one, but does not load a line in memory before it s actually needed. The integration of this technique into our query from listing 5.19 is easy; see listing 5.29.
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NSTask *task = [NSTask launchedTaskWithLaunchPath:path arguments:argumentArray]; NSLog("task returned: %@", [task terminationStatus];
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Default Membership Comments
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B.2.1 List directory contents: ls
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These properties will be used with Cocoa Bindings to let the user drag in an image and type in some text which will be automatically attached to our controller object, which in turn updates the view. You ll notice that we re importing a LOLView.h header file and declaring an instance variable of type LOLView*, even though the LOLView class hasn t been completed yet. Solve that problem right away by creating another new set of class files, this time for LOLView, an NSView subclass. We ll implement LOLView in just a few minutes, but for now let s go configure the GUI. Double-click MainMenu.xib to bring it up in Interface Builder, and use the Library to drag a custom view, an image well, and a text field into the empty window. Use the Identity Inspector to set the class of the custom view to LOLView, and the Attributes Inspector to turn on the Editable checkbox for the image well. Finally, connect the app delegate s lolView outlet to the LOLView in the window. When everything is laid out, your window should resemble Figure 13 9.
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and, per the MSDN documentation, should be less than 39 characters in length.
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CHAPTER 4: An Introduction to the Code
Using named parameters, you can rewrite the earlier query as follows:
SphereNetSphere *_localSphere; We'll create it when the view loads.
private void OnClickOperator(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Button btn = sender as Button; if(btn.Tag != null) { Operator op = (Operator)btn.Tag; ExecuteLastOperator(op); } }
Reporting Services is both a flexible and powerful tool, but there are a number of things we need to be aware of to derive maximum performance from our reports. Hopefully I ve provided you with several ideas that you can use when building your next report.
Use CommandButton controls, shown in Figure 3-22, to allow users to signify that they have made all the selections and text entries they want to make, and either want to continue on with the application or want to cancel the operation. The most common use of this control is for OK and Cancel button operations. The following is the most common method of ending a running application: Private Sub cmdOK_Click() Unload Me End Sub
Figure 5-2. The Formats tab in the International panel of the Mac OS X System Preferences
Compound Assignment
select item from Item item join item.Bids bid where item.Description like '%part%' and bid.Amount > 100
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