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typeof(AuditableAttribute), false).Length > 0 ) inserts.Add(entity); return base.OnSave(entity, id, state, propertyNames, types);
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PS (13) > ($f.psobject.members | { >> $ -match "^hi"}).value = "Goodbye!" >> PS (14) > $f.hi Goodbye!
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Select Restore from the backup of:, and verify the pull-down is set to the correct device.
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This code omits the properties and Equals() and GetHashCode() methods, but they would be necessary for this component class. You map the Items collection on Category as shown next. If you prefer using mapping attributes in your code, you should be able to easily deduce the mapping using attributes; just be careful when ordering them:
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=Convert.ToString(2 + (Level()*10)) & "pt", 2pt, 2pt, 2pt
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Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.WSRPConsumerWebPart
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TESTING DBAs frequently perform all sorts of testing. This can include testing of the following: databases, applications, management tools, and disaster recovery plans. DBAs test
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A first unit test
1. 2.
// set up click event handler... b.Click += new EventHandler(clickHandler); // add the control to the form... Controls.Add(b); } private void clickHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) { // user has clicked button, so... // display current time... Text = String.Format("Click Time: {0:T}", DateTime.Now); } } }
Why we need LINQ to XML
You might have a tough time remembering which index number goes with which computer. In that case, you can take advantage of the properties of a session object. For example, when I pipe my sessions to Gm, I get this output:
books.Element("book").SetElementValue("author", new XElement("foo"));
main.c starts with four #includes. <stdlib.h> gives us access to the function exit(). <stdio.h> gives us access to a number of functions, including printf() and all the file manipulation functions, types, and constants. <string.h> gives us access to the function strlen(). You ve already seen what "dinoEdit.h" brings to the table.
1. Highlight an image placeholder. 2. Select Add or Edit Image to open the Select Source dialog box. 3. Select Insert Shared Image; the Select Resource Gallery dialog box is displayed. 4. Use the Select Resource Gallery dialog box to locate a Resource Gallery. The Select Image window opens. 5. Select the image from the gallery. (Select the icon under the Select column, not the image or name.) 6. Open the Insert Image dialog box and specify optional properties. 7. Choose the image, and select Insert. To verify the appearance of your content, preview your page before saving and submitting.
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