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If your headset is properly paired and on, all incoming calls should be routed to your headset. Usually you can just press the main button on the headset to answer the call or use the Slide to Answer function on the iPhone. Move the phone away from your face (while the iPhone is dialing) and you should see the indicator showing you that the Bluetooth headset is in use. In the image you see that the Speaker icon is next to the Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset. You will also see the options to send the call to your iPhone handset or to the Speaker phone. You can change this at any point while you are on the call. Touch Hide Sources and you will see the normal call screen on the iPhone.
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To invoke the basic choose file command, you don t need to specify any parameters, just the command itself. This script line will produce the dialog box shown in Figure 12-26: choose file
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PowerShell 326, 344, 353 administering SQL Server 351 automation engine 351 engine 344 fearures 344 issues 345 profile file 355 remoting 346 scripts 326 SMO 347 348, 354 snap-ins 344 SQL Server 2000 346 SQL Server 2005 346 SQL Server 2008 345 346, 348 SQL Server functionality 348 team 344 Version 2 344 wildcards 345 pre-allocation scheme 245, 247 precedence constraints 723, 726, 729 732, 734 @TableExists 730 constraint options 731 containers 732 expression-based 732 expressions 731 self-documenting 731 tasks 732 predecessors 743 predicates 121, 126, 202, 621 623, 625, 628 binding 626 numeric predicate 122 operators 129 payload data 625 types 625 prediction query 694 Prediction Query builder 697 predictions 688, 695 predictive models 691, 695 predictive variable 695 pre-fetch 216 prefixed terms 184 presentation layer 289 presentation UI 266 presentation virtualization 519 pre-snapshot scripts 481 primary domain controller 525 emulator 525 primary entities 155, 169 170 PRIMARY filegroup 359, 433, 435 436, 438, 445 backups 442 default 434
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Before You Start Driving Directions Use Public Transit Walking Directions Tap to start.
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However, we receive this as a string: "<ul class="slide"> <li><a href="ten.html"><img <li><a href="ten.html"><img /></a></li> <li><a href="ten.html"><img /></a></li> <li><a href="ten.html"><img <li><a href="ten.html"><img /></a></li> <li><a href="ten.html"><img <li><a href="ten.html"><img <li><a href="ten.html"><img <li><a href="ten.html"><img </ul>" alt="Nike LunaRacer" src="images/lunaracer.jpg" /></a></li> alt="Nike Lunar Glide, Boston" src="images/glide_bos.jpg" alt="Nike Lunar Glide, NYC" src="images/glide_nyc.jpg" alt="Nike Mariah" src="images/mariah.jpg" /></a></li> alt="Nike Lunar Fly, Orange" src="images/fly_org.jpg" alt="Nike alt="Nike alt="Nike alt="Nike Lunar Fly, Black" src="images/fly_blk.jpg" /></a></li> Lunar Elite" src="images/elite.jpg" /></a></li> Zoom Vomero" src="images/vomero.jpg" /></a></li> Air Max" src="images/max.jpg" /></a></li>
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Refactoring into multiple tests
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at the PowerShell command line. Earlier in this section, we talked about assignment as being a kind of output redirection. In fact, this analogy is even more significant than we alluded to there. We ll go into details in the next section, when we finally cover variables themselves.
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The reference counting rules laid out in the previous section appear simple and sound, but they actually contain one huge flaw: how do you release an object (decrease its reference count) after the code no longer has a pointer to it You could avoid this situation in many cases with careful coding, but there s one inescapable case where you can t returning an object reference to the sender. Using the reference counting rules learned so far, you d probably be tempted to write something like the code shown in Listing 24-3.
Although I recommend that you query element attributes in the same way that you query other element members, which is to say with the . or [] operator, the Element interface defines 13 methods that work only with markup attributes. You can query id with them but not nodeType.
Figure 10 6. Creating a new tileset from an image file
Evolution of IT leading to cloud computing
Note: The string &File we entered for the menu appears in the Text property.
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