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Alternatively, you might choose to use an ordered map, using the sorting capabilities of the database instead of (probably less efficient) in-memory sorting:
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Filters are used to eliminate some results from a query after the query execution and apply some cross-cutting restrictions such as those pertaining to security, time ranges, or categories. A filter is essentially a bit mask indicating whether or not a Document in the index should be included in the final result. Building this bit mask (often represented by the memory-efficient BitSet object through the DocIdSet API) can be quite expensive. But Hibernate Search can cache DocIdSet objects, making subsequent filter applications very cheap. DocIdSets are cached for a given set of elements:
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Solution: the AspectJ way
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function onLoadRolesFailed(error, userContext, methodName){ alert(error.get_message()); }
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14.1 Exploring Android s Bluetooth capabilities
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A recap The process of calling a web service may seem a bit convoluted. A lot of classes, function calls, and event callbacks are involved, so here s a blow-by-blow recap of how our project code works:
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if (box==null){ box=document.createElement("div");"messagebox"; box.classname="messagebox";'block'; box.appendChild(txtNode); }else{ var oldTxtNode=box.firstChild; box.replaceChild(txtNode,oldTxtNode); } setTimeout("removeBox('messagebox')",timeout); }
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In rare cases, you can fall back to plain JDBC interfaces from the Hibernate Session:
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JavaScript memory footprint
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User create(String userId, String firstName, String lastName, String userType) throws CreateException { User user = new User(userId, firstName, lastName, userType); try { em.persist(user); } catch (Exception e) { throw new CreateException(e.getMessage()); } returnuser; } User findByPrimaryKey(String primaryKey) throws FinderException { try { return (User)em.find(User.class, primaryKey); } catch (Exception e) { throw new FinderException(e.getMessage()); } } }
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Table 9-1. Members of the System.Exception class Object member
public class HoldingKey implements Serializable { Declares public CMP public String portfolioName = null; field variables public String symbol = null; public HoldingKey(){}
We can reuse this mapping for the Category end of the bidirectional association. We map the Item end as follows:
- (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; UILabel *myLabel = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]]; myLabel.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth = YES; myLabel.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Arial" size:60]; myLabel.textAlignment = UITextAlignmentCenter; myLabel.text = @"View Controllers!"; Connects label myLabel.backgroundColor = [UIColor grayColor]; as subview [self.view addSubview:myLabel]; [myLabel release]; }
This chapter has demonstrated that while it is simple to call other programs from Ant, it soon gets complicated as you try to produce a robust, portable means of executing external applications as part of the build process. Java programs are easy to work with, as the classpath specification and JVM options make controlling the execution straightforward. In-JVM execution has a faster startup, but external execution is more trouble-free, which makes it the wise choice for any complex program. For Java programs to be callable from Ant, they should be well documented. Ideally, they should have a library API as well as a main entry point. The API enables Java programs to use the external program as a set of classes to use, rather than just as something to run once. This makes migration to a custom task much easier. The programs should let you set the base directory for reading in relative information, or have parameters setting the full paths of any input and output files used. One feature that Ant does not support in a Java or native program is user input. If a program needs any user intervention then it does not work in an automated build process. When calling a Java program, we recommend that you: Set the arguments using one <arg> entry per parameter, instead of one entry for the whole line Use <arg file> whenever you pass in a file parameter, for better portability Explicitly state the classpath, rather than rely on the Ant classpath Explicitly state the failonerror behavior when fork is set Consider probing for classes being present using the <available> task Implement a custom task if the integration with Ant is getting very complex Using <exec> to call external applications or glue together commands in the local shell is a more complex undertaking, as you are vulnerable to all the behavior of the
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