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Following on from the replica bag example introduced in the previous section, suppose that an online order company offers bags and shoes both real and replica on a bespoke basis (i.e., with the products made to order). We would expect that the time taken to make one of the genuine articles would be longer. In addition, we would notice other differences between the products. Each bag (Product) is made up of several parts, including the outside material, the lining, the label, the handle, and so on. The genuine, more expensive bags will have more parts usually. Certainly, there can be differences in the part lists for different makes of bags. For example, apart from being plastic (not leather), a replica bag might not have a nice lining. The Builder pattern goes into the details of how the products are actually made, and some of this information can be transmitted back to the customer. For example, the
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We ended the last chapter with a bonus example listing, to frame the skills learned in more of a business/e-commerce context. This chapter s light synthesizer served as a fun way to introduce the scene graph, but it has little practical value beyond simply being entertaining. So before I sum up, let s indulge in another little detour, by way of listing 5.5.
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Now we ll modify the coord function that we introduced in section 12.2. Our ScoringTestSimilarity will override the coord(int overlap, int maxOverlap) method of DefaultSimilarity in listing 12.8 so that the higher the overlap value becomes, the lower the value that is returned.
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It is possible that sometime between opening and closing the file, an exception will be thrown. If this happens, the file could remain open. No matter what happens, at the end of this method, the file should be closed, so the file close function call is moved to a finally block, where it is executed regardless of whether an exception is thrown. Example 16-5 uses a finally block.
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