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Finally, the additional subtasks must be specified in the <ejbdoclet/> task itself. As you can see in the recipe, we add tasks to generate all four interfaces for the beans. Indeed, all four will be generated because we also specified the viewtype as both. In addition, by default XDoclet will add a component name and JNDI name for both the local home and home interfaces as a public final static member variable. You can use the variable to make your client code more maintainable. By default, the names correspond to the fully qualified name of the bean class (using / instead of .). Rather than show all four generated interfaces for each bean, we just show the local interfaces for each. For the session bean, the getName() and setName() methods will be in the local and remote interfaces. The session bean s home and local home interfaces will contain a create() method. Listing 2.4 contains the session bean s generated entire remote interface (comments and all).
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public String[] search(String keywords) { try { setLastSearch(keywords); String[] results; Document[] docs = SearchUtil.findDocuments(keywords); results=new String[docs.length]; for (int i=0; i < docs.length; i++) { results[i]=docs[i].getField("path"); } return results; } catch (SearchException e) { return emptyAarray; } }
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NSPersistentStoreCoordinator *coordinator = [self persistentStoreCoordinator]; if (coordinator != nil) { managedObjectContext = [[NSManagedObjectContext alloc] init]; [managedObjectContext setPersistentStoreCoordinator: coordinator]; } return managedObjectContext; } - (NSManagedObjectModel *)managedObjectModel { if (managedObjectModel != nil) { return managedObjectModel; } managedObjectModel = [[NSManagedObjectModel mergedModelFromBundles:nil] retain]; return managedObjectModel; }
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pgslw(2); pggray(\@image, 128, 128, 1, 128, 1, 128, 10000, 0, \@tr); pglabel('\ga', '\gd', ''); pgtbox('ZYHBCNST', 0, 0, 'ZYDBCNST', 0, 0); pgwedg('R', 2, 5, 10000, 0, 'Counts');
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Optimization: pooling and caching
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Checks authorization
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12.2.1 Implementing a custom type handler
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A property can be a boolean, byte, double, float, int, long, short, String, or Object.
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By re-running the page now, we see that, even though the page is in connect mode, the connections zone is still not visible. To display the connections zone we must use the verbs associated with the web part to choose the connect verb. Clicking on the connect verb will display the connections zone and allow the connection information for that particular part to be configured. If the web part cannot participate in connections then it will not have a con- Figure 3.7 The appearance of the first screen of the ConnectionsZone depends nect verb. on the connection state of the web part The ConnectionsZone has several for which it is being displayed. screens that a wizard allows us to cycle through to perform connection operations. When you initially display the connections zone for a part, the appearance of its first screen will depend on whether the selected web part is currently connected to any other parts and whether it is connected as a provider, a consumer, or both. Figure 3.7 shows the first screen rendered by the connections zone. In the figure, a link is displayed for creating a connection to a consumer web part. This means that the web part being configured exposes a provider endpoint but is not currently connected. If the web part we are configuring also exposed a consumer endpoint, there would be a second link displayed to Create a connection to a Provider. The first screen is shown when the connection zone is in its default state. This state is known as the ExistingConnections mode. There are actually four possible, standard modes:
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Figure 8.1 Object graph of stopwatch library classes. Each category is represented by an object that contains a history of events for that category. All categories are accessible from the stopwatch.watches singleton.
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The answer lies with the way binds work and how they strive to be as efficient as possible. When puz.grid[idx] goes from 0 to 1, the result of the condition changes from true to false, but when it goes from 1 to 2, the result remains false. The bind tries to be clever; it thinks to itself, Well, the result of the condition hasn t changed, so I m not going to reevaluate its body, and so the SwingButton displays 1 for every value except 0. Fortunately, by hiding the if condition inside a black-box function (see chapter 2, section 2.6.8), we can neatly sidestep bind s cleverness.
Listing 1.6 An action to respond to the form post
12.3.6 Ajax helpers
Creating advanced view controllers
6: Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation
Congratulations! If you were successful in implementing the first phase of the tutorial application in MIDP, then the results of executing this last line should look something like the picture in figure 5.3.
return bundle; } }
def innerWidth:Integer = 450; def innerHeight:Integer = 320; // Part 2 is listing 9.6; part 3, listing 9.7
Enter the name of your MIDlet suite in the Project Name field. In the case of our Hello World example, we enter the name SmallWorldSuite. In the MIDlet Class Name field enter the name of the first MIDlet you want to be part of the suite. In this example, our first and only MIDlet will be the HiSmallWorld class. Once you enter these names and press the Create Project button on this window, a Settings for project SmallWorldSuite should display as seen in figure D.4. These are the settings or attributes for our project, MIDlet suite and all the MIDlets in the suite. We discuss these attributes in the next section so don t hit either the OK or Cancel button quite yet. HELLO WORLD PROJECT REVISITED 467
In Unlocking Android, the first edition of this book, the code used the
Using the query API and JPQL to retrieve entities
The EntityManager API supports both read and write locks. Because locking behavior is closely related to the concept of transactions, using the lock() method is discussed in detail in 17.
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