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Before going on, let s establish some conventions to be used throughout this book. These will be used for clarity; they are not prescriptive or even recommended for use in production. You may use any naming strategy you wish, but it s suggested that you stick to some predefined standard. There is no law dictating that each of the constructs listed next must be used for your EJBs; in fact, in most cases you ll use just one or two. The impositions of the EJB 2.x specifications are long gone.
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Perform ing integration, system , and acceptance testing
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This leaves us ready to run the application through a server restart or via a management URL call. The paranoid will restart the server, but we will go for the hotupdate. Loading the application Again, a manager URL call will start the program; a <get> against
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document in binary format on the file system. In this fashion, it does not need to be reparsed for subsequent access. PDOM documents may be generated from an existing DOM or through an XML input stream, so the document is not required to be in memory in its entirety at any given time. This is advantageous when dealing with large XML documents. PDOM supports all of the standard operations that you would expect from a data storage component, such as querying (via XQL), inserting, deleting, compressing, and caching. We offer an example of using this technique for data storage in chapter 3. You can learn more about PDOM at http://xml.darmstadt.gmd.de/xql/. Another alternative to static file system storage is the use of native-XML databases. Databases such as Software AG s Tamino are designed specifically for XML. Unlike relational databases, which store hierarchical XML documents in relational tables, Tamino stores XML in its native format. This gives Tamino a significant performance boost when dealing with XML. Despite the appearance of native-XML database vendors, traditional database vendors such as Oracle and IBM had no intention of yielding any of the data storage market just because traditional relational databases did not handle XML well initially. The major relational vendors have built extensions for their existing products to accommodate XML as a data type and enable querying functionality. This is advantageous for many companies that rely heavily on RDBMS products and have built up strong skill-sets in those technologies. Figure 2.7 summarizes your options for XML data storage.
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public class Document : IStorable<String>
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The three hook shapes under these thick lines demonstrate the different line join styles shown in table 14.7.
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We simply construct the SQL statement b, iterate through the result set that it generates c, and add a PortalWindow object to our list in each case d. Second, we use the JSUtil helper object to generate some initialization code and declare our window objects in JavaScript. The methods are basically exercises in string concatenation, and we won t show the full class here. The following code gives a flavor of how it works:
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private void handleOK(int idx){ display.setCurrent(outputForm); switch (idx) { case 0: getHttpMessage(); break; case 1: socketMessage(); break; case 2: datagramMessage(); break; } }
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A Phrase can be composed of a series of Chunk objects. By adding a Phrase at an absolute position, you can easily switch fonts, font sizes, and font colors. iText will calculate the offset of every Chunk inside the Phrase, and change the text state accordingly for you. In the next step, you draw a big P with a white font color on top of all the colored rectangles that represent preview screenings that are reserved for the press.
Cap the maximum value at 10
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If you are familiar with the concept of thread synchronization in Java or row-locking schemes in relational databases, isolation will be a familiar concept. To be isolated, a transaction must protect the data it is accessing from other transactions. This is necessary to prevent other transactions from interacting with data that is in transition. During a transfer between accounts in our blackjack game s bank, the transaction is isolated to prevent other transactions from modifying the entities and tables that are being updated. Imagine the problems that would arise if separate transactions were allowed to change any entity bean at any time transactions would walk all over one another. Several account transfers could take place at the same time and withdraw from the same account, possibly overdrawing it. The isolation of data accessed by EJBs does not mean that the entire application shuts down during a transaction. Only those entity beans and data directly affected by the transaction are isolated. That is to say, during an account transfer, only the removal and destination accounts need isolation.
Other event methods and properties
The Ajax Control Toolkit API
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