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With a home reference in hand, you can find or create a new EJB. The following code locates an existing instance of the EquityBean entity bean:
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To keep Example 14-1 simple, we ve stripped the ListBox control down to the few features we care about. The listing ignores everything else a ListBox can do, and focuses only on the list of strings the ListBox maintains, and methods for manipulating them. In a real application, of course, these are a small fraction of the total methods of a ListBox, whose principal job is to display the strings and enable user choice.
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Answers to Quiz Questions
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changes to multiple columns. It also makes it much more difficult to implement database integrity constraints that apply to all subclasses. This mapping strategy doesn t require any special Hibernate mapping declaration: Simply create a new <class> declaration for each concrete class, specifying a different table attribute for each. We recommend this approach (only) for the top level of your class hierarchy, where polymorphism isn t usually required.
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database. So looking at the code from Example 14-3, the statement shown in Example 14-9 does not get anything from the database.
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/** * Integration tests for the CalculatorEJB, testing many views * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> */ @RunWith(Arquillian.class) public class MultiViewCalculatorIntegrationTestCase { // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Class Members -------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Logger */ private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(MultiViewCalculator IntegrationTestCase.class);
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c Read operations public abstract pointcut writeOperations(); d Write operations private ReadWriteLock _lock e Lock object = new ReentrantWriterPreferenceReadWriteLock();
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<div id="theMap" style="position:relative; width:400px; height:400px;"> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-function pageLoad() { var theMap = new VEMap('theMap'); theMap.LoadMap();
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lib/actionBazaar-common.jar actionBazaar-ejb.jar actionBazaar-web.war
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<WorkerRole name="VerifyOrder" enableNativeCodeExecution="false"> <ConfigurationSettings> <Setting name="InboundQueue"/> <Setting name="OutboundQueue"/> <Setting name="AccountName" /> <Setting name="AccountSharedKey" /> <Setting name="QueueStorageEndpoint" /> <Setting name="TableStorageEndpoint" /> </ConfigurationSettings> </WorkerRole>
As you can see, we could autogenerate this file using the same pattern as we used to generate the MANIFEST.MF file. In fact, the build on our current project does just that. My build environment generates one or more WAR s and one ejb-jar file. The name of the application here is example. We name the default web
Our bean has three properties, and our interface has one method that returns a typed list. Here is the implementation of that search API, using the Google API:
These controls implement the first two steps of our four-step printing process. Next, we ll add the source code.
You have seen that scoring is not an easy topic. Lucene utilizes Boolean-style queries, but a modified vector space model is its heart and soul. You saw how Lucene exposes several classes concerned with the scoring process. DefaultSimilarity, Similarity, Weight, and Scorer provide ways to adjust scoring any way the developer could want. You also saw that it is possible to avoid a lot of work if you take a critical look at what you are trying to accomplish and do a little planning before you jump headlong into generating code. It is not always necessary to develop your own implementations of all of the classes related to scoring. Armed with what you know now, it is quite often possible to cope with a given situation by implementing just one of them, Similarity.
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