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The Azure portal is your central management tool for all aspects of running your application in the Azure environment. As shown in figure 2.10, across the top you ll be able to view the technical details (using the Summary tab) or the account details (using the Account tab) of your services. When you click one of these tabs, any services that you ve created (websites, services, storage, and so on) are listed in the Windows Azure section on the left. The following tabs are available on the portal: Summary Lists your projects, and gives you access to managing them. From here you can upload new versions, flip staging and production, and manage log files. Account Helps you manage your affinity groups, certificates, and any other broad configuration that affects all services under your account. Help and Resources Brings together all the help options available to you, including technical support and public forums. Azure will show you the different types of services available to you on your Azure account. You ll see icons for Storage Account and Hosted Services. You might also see icons for the other services that are part of the greater Azure Services platform, such as the AppFabric and SQL Azure.
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The bean implementation class will contain all of the business logic for our FTP client. The following imports are used:
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Most of the time parameter maps will not have to be named, because inline parameter maps are much more common than explicitly defined ones. Due to the nature of SQL statements, parameter maps have limited reusability. You generally can t use the same one for both an INSERT statement and an UPDATE statement. For this reason, if you do use an explicitly defined parameter map, we recommend adding the suffix Param to the name of the statement that uses it. For example:
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Warning: inverse coordinate system ahead
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_raiseEvent : function(eventName, eventArgs) { var handler = this.get_events().getHandler(eventName); if (handler) { if (!eventArgs) { eventArgs = Sys.EventArgs.Empty; } handler(this, eventArgs); Fire } }
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sqlMap.queryForPaginatedList( "searchProducts", parameterObject, PAGE_SIZE);
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prototype MetricsInterceptor { function intercept(Invocation invocation) { // Get the start time Time startTime = getTime(); // Carry out the invocation invocation.continue(); // Get the end time Time endTime = getTime(); // Log out the elapsed time log("Took " + (endTime startTime));
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- (void) touchesBegan:(NSSet *) touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { [myDrawing addObject:[[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity:4]]; CGPoint curPoint = [[touches anyObject] locationInView:self]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.x]]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.y]]; } - (void) touchesMoved:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { CGPoint curPoint = [[touches anyObject] locationInView:self]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.x]]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.y]]; [self setNeedsDisplay]; } - (void) touchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { CGPoint curPoint = [[touches anyObject] locationInView:self]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.x]]; [[myDrawing lastObject] addObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:curPoint.y]]; [self setNeedsDisplay]; }
Even seasoned developers are susceptible to antipatterns. Many of the problems inherited in the original PetStore design went against accepted best practices. Perhaps we need a catalog of basic J2EE antipatterns. We should take as much care designing sample applications as we do in the code base. Samples are far more than gee whiz demonstrations; they form templates for countless enterprise applications. We need to take notice when a consulting company with a highly touted reputation is unable to execute on a benchmark of a reasonably simple application. In several ways, EJB examples need revision.
In this section, we ll look at how to generate the grid that displays the list of BLOBs. We ll explain how to upload, delete, and view BLOBs later in the chapter. The following listing contains the markup required for the blobs.aspx page shown in figure 9.3.
9: Security and Personalization file could be provided with customer.different=true and Ant run with ant -Dcustomer=acme. Alternatively, customer.different could be enabled directly using ant -Dcustomer.different=yes.
Building web apps with Dashcode
using System.Web.Mvc; namespace RssWidgetPortableArea.Controllers { public class RssWidgetController : Controller { public ActionResult Index(string RssUrl) { var service = new SyndicationService(); var feed = service.GetFeed(RssUrl, 10) return View(feed); } } }
When you specify wsdlLocation, the server will use the WSDL specified. If there are any inconsistencies between the existing WSDL and the implementation class, the container will generate the corresponding deployment errors. As stated earlier, the server automatically generates the service endpoint interface (SEI) if the @WebService annotation is used in the bean class. This generated name is vendor specific, and most of the time that works just fine. If you find yourself needing to specify the endpointInterface element to use a specific name, try this:
Listing 8.1
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