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Most frequently, you ll work with the graphical context that is automatically associated with the CALayer (Core Animation layer) of each UIView. That means that you can use Quartz to draw to most UIKit objects. To do so, you override the drawRect: method and, inside the object in question, you use UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext to retrieve the current context. You might alternatively create a bitmap context in order to create or modify an image that you ll use elsewhere in your program. You do this by using the UIGraphicsBeginImageContext and UIGraphicsEndImageContext functions.
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We must modify our HTML-producing stylesheets to produce an FOP formatting object tree instead of an HTML page. We must add a final step to the XSLT filter component to invoke the FOP API and convert the formatting object tree to a PDF document.
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pointcut modelMethodCalls() : call(* javax..*Model+.*(..)) || call(* javax.swing.text.Document+.*(..)); pointcut uiMethodCalls() : viewMethodCalls() || modelMethodCalls();
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Listing 14.4
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The drag-and-drop engine
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There are two page event methods involving paragraphs. The first two parameters of these methods, writer and pdfDocument, have the same meaning as the onGenericTag() parameters with the same names. I repeat: use pdfDocument for read-only purposes. In this example, you use pdfDocument to get the values of the left and right margins of the page. An extra parameter named paragraphPosition gives you access to a Y coordinate. These are the two page event methods:
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Script Descriptors
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To test whether you understand the Flyweight pattern, cover the lefthand column of the table below and see if you can identify the players among the items from the illustrative example (Figure 3-4), as shown in the righthand column. Then check your answers against the lefthand column.
showData(otherDataTable,data); } function calculate(){ var data=new Array(); data[0]=6; data[1]=data[0]/3; data[2]=data[0]*data[1]+7; return data; } function showData(table,data){ var newRow=createTableRow(table); for (var i=0;i<data.length;i++){ createTableCell(newRow,data[i]); } } buttonDiv.onclick=buttonOnclickHandler; poller.onload=ajaxOnloadHandler;
>javac -g:none -bootclasspath %MIDPClasses%;. *.java
8.5.2 Using stored procedures
628 | Appendix F: Java Persistence APIs: Employee Registry Example
<p id='hello'>
private void displayChartCanvas() { if (chartCanvas == null) { chartCanvas = new ChartCanvas(); } displayMngr.setCurrent(chartCanvas); chartCanvas.displayChart("MMM",75,110); }
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