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Where your view goes is one of the most important parts of your view s definition. Many classes use an initWithFrame: init method, inherited from UIView, which defines location as part of the object s setup. The frame is simply a rectangle that you ve defined with a method like CGRectMake. Another common way to create a rectangular frame is to set it to take up your full screen: [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]; Sometimes you ll opt not to use the initWithFrame: method to create an object. UIButton is an example of a UIKit class that instead suggests you use a class factory method that lets you define a button shape. In a situation like that, you must set your view s location by hand. Fortunately, this is easy to do because UIView also offers a number of properties that you can set to determine where your view goes, even after it s been initialized.
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Listing 11.6 A controller that uses JPA to merge a detached object
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ProductNumber=3003 Quantity=2 OrderNumber=4446 ProductNumber=4004 Quantity=8
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If the current aspect ratio does not need to be preserved, but the size has to become exactly what is specified, an exclamation mark can be used in the specification:
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An application layer is a logical grouping of system components by the functionality they provide to users and other application subsystems.
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will result in CE_BANKACCOUNT as the name of the table. The classToTableName() method was called with the fully qualified class name as the argument. However, if a table name is specified
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The server-side code: PHP
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In the implementation shown so far, the class that implements the interface (Document) creates a member method with the same signature and return type as the method detailed in the interface. It is not necessary to explicitly state that Document is implementing IStorable, for example; the compiler understands this implicitly. What happens, however, if the class implements two interfaces, each of which has a method with the same signature This might happen if the class implements interfaces defined by two different organizations or even two different programmers. The next example creates two interfaces: IStorable and ITalk. ITalk implements a Read( ) method that reads a book aloud. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the Read( ) method in IStorable. Because both IStorable and ITalk have a Read( ) method, the implementing Document class must use explicit implementation for at least one of the methods. With explicit implementation, the implementing class (Document) explicitly identifies the interface for the method:
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With all of this in place, we can launch Visual Studio, create a new ASP.NET MVC Web Application project, and be greeted with the message shown in figure 25.6.
If you are familiar with O/RM tools, you may be thinking that this is the same functionality that they provide. While the functionality is similar, the iBATIS framework does something a bit more flexible. While O/RM tools allow you to relate tables and views only, the iBATIS framework allows you to relate any number of queries, not just database objects.
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K now ing the state of your CI process
So far, all the examples have been extracting information from the Lucene index to build the filter DocIdSet. This is not a requirement.
PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(SOURCE); Document document = new Document(PageSize.POSTCARD); PdfWriter writer = PdfWriter.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream(RESULT)); document.open(); PdfContentByte canvas = writer.getDirectContent(); PdfImportedPage page;
<!--This is right. Name the key column after the parent object --> <key column="event_id"/>
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