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Table 6-3. An accurate list of the inaccurate decimal data types .NET data type
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The output of a HEAD request
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User entities. We discussed earlier that User is an abstract entity and entities such as Bidder, Seller, and so forth inherit from the User class. When we retrieve the relationship field from the ContactInfo entity, the retrieved instance of the User entity will be an instance of its subclass, either Bidder or Seller. The greatest benefit of JPA is that you don t have to do any extra work to map polymorphic asso-
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public class TestPDFTextExtractor extends SearchTestCase { InputStream istream = null; private Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(); public void testPDFExtractor() throws Exception { FullTextSession session = Search.getFullTextSession(openSession()); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); PDDocument doc = null; try { File f = new File("ch13/src/com/manning/hsia/dvdstore/file1.pdf"); istream = new FileInputStream(f.getAbsolutePath()); Get the PDF via an PDFParser p = new PDFParser(istream); p.parse(); doc = p.getPDDocument(); Parse to a PDDocument Pdf pdf = getDocument(doc); closeInputStream(istream); closeDocument(doc); buildIndex(pdf); QueryParser parser = new QueryParser("description", analyzer); Query query = parser.parse("description:salesman"); hibQuery = s.createFullTextQuery(query, Pdf.class); List results = hibQuery.list(); assert results.size() == 1: "incorrect result size"; Pdf result = (Pdf) results.get(0); assert result.getAuthor().startsWith("John Griffin"): "incorrect author"; assert result.getDescription().startsWith("Keanu Reeves"): "incorrect description";
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This <dataset> element represents a single row of test data for the events table. The <dataset> element is the root element for the XML; all test data elements must be contained within <dataset> elements. Once you ve created the test data, you can import it into the database.
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Object identity and equality
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Description Provides access to a collection of key-value pairs, each providing additional exception-specific information. Identifies online help location information relevant to this exception. If an exception is a side effect of another error, the original error appears here. A textual description of the error. Identifies the name of the application or object that caused the error. Returns a string that fully documents the current stack trace, the list of all active procedure calls that led to the statement causing the error. Identifies the name of the method that triggered the error.
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from User u where u.firstname not like '%Foo B%'
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Listing 3.1 Creating a closure by returning an inner function
Data: actions, preferences, files, SQLite, and addresses
CLLocationCoordinate2D curCoords = newLocation.coordinate; thisLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Lat: %2.4f; Long: %2.4f",curCoords.latitude,curCoords.longitude]; }
5.6.2 Profiling Profiling a system means collecting the information about the time spent by each operation in the system. By extending the core AspectJ-based logging concepts, you can create profiling functionality without needing invasive changes. The conventional profiling solutions often depend on using specific tools, and they sometimes need to execute the applications in a special VM in order to gather the profile data. These requirements make profiling practical only in the implementation phase, and it is seldom used in a deployed situation. With AspectJ-based profiling, you can use profiling in the deployed system as well, without the need for any special tools or VM, just by embedding the profiling logic in separate aspects. A typical profiling process often needs to gradually focus on certain parts of the system to gather more detailed timing information. The modular, plug-and-play approach of AspectJ adds noninvasive modification to the focus of profiling by limiting the modification to only the profiling aspect. For example, you can change the list of classes and methods that will be profiled by modifying the pointcuts in the profile aspect. A simple way to implement profiling is to augment the invocation timestamp of each log message. You will need to provide both before and after advice to the profiled methods and log their invocation time. Although you could also use an around advice, using both before and after advice is often cheaper due to the cost associated with the creation of the around advice and the unwrapping of the return value. You can use the call depth idea presented in section 5.5.2 to ensure the correct matching of the entry and exit log statements. You can write a log analyzer to extract and process the log information to provide the profiling data, such as the duration of the execution of the methods and the number of invocations of the methods. An alternative approach to using timestamped logging messages for the purpose of profiling is to keep the profile data in memory. Under this scheme, you save the profile information inside an object, typically a map, in the profile aspect. Since a thisJoinPointStaticPart object is the same to all the invocations of a join point, you may use it as the key for the profile data map and store the profile information that is associated with the join point. The map s values contain typical profile data, such as the cumulative average, the longest and shortest duration, and the invocation count. In the before and after advice, instead of logging the timing information to an output stream, you can update the profile data held inside the map. Periodically, or in response to some request, the profiling aspect supplies the data to interested parties. As with the other logging-
} }
If the query doesn t change often, is executed repeatedly, and produces globally applicable results, you should attempt to cache the results. If the results apply to a single user or expire quickly, caching isn t much of an option. To make an educated decision, you should consider performance tests in the target environment as your best option. Again, you can speculate all you want as to how the query time compares to the time it takes to pull results back from the database, but from our experience you ll be wrong as often as you are right. You really can t know for sure until you execute at least rudimentary tests in your target environment. In deciding on a caching strategy, we ve found that we can rarely if ever get by without caching. However, we ve found a reasonably safe alternative: limiting caching to already-requested data, rather than trying to predict future data requests. The latter leads down a slippery and often wasteful slope.
Pluggable Adapters
You might have noticed that the Item entity is not marked as @Indexed. While marking Item with @Indexed will do no harm, it s not necessary. You should mark entities with @Indexed only when: You want to be able to search by this entity. The entity is of a concrete type (not abstract). In our system, Item is an abstract class and will have no instances of it. If you look back at figure 3.1, you ll see that subclasses are denormalized in the Lucene index: All instances of Drink will be indexed in the org.manning.hsia.dvdstore.model.Drink index, including the information about its superclass s properties id and title.
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