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- (void)peoplePickerNavigationControllerDidCancel: (ABPeoplePickerNavigationController *) peoplePicker { [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; }
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preconfigured number of redelivery tries, the message is automatically redirected to the DMQ. Our application is then responsible for monitoring this queue and taking appropriate action when a doomed message arrives. JMS providers may also support a configurable redelivery delay whereby the JMS server waits a predefined amount of time before attempting redelivery. Understanding the conditions under which a message will be redelivered helps minimize the chance of creating a berserk message. Equally troublesome is the subject of our next antipattern: a message that takes a while to chew on.
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The $addHandler method uses a private function to subscribe the event. When the private handler is executed, the browser-specific event object is converted into a Sys.UI.DomEvent instance. At this point, the original event handler passed to $addHandler is called with the Sys.UI.DomEvent instance as an argument, in place of the original event object.
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1.4.2 Simplified programming model
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The UI shown in figure 9.3 allows you to run available tests provided in the test case class and to view their results.
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1. Request
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Pessimistic locking Pessimistic locking is a strategy reflective of a pessimistic state of mind, where you prevent users from doing certain things, assuming that they will go wrong. When using pessimistic locking, you lock all involved database rows for the entire span of time a user shows an interest in modifying an entity.
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Figure A.2
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Table constraints are appended in the CREATE TABLE DDL and can contain arbitrary SQL expressions. You include the constraint expression in your Hibernate mapping file on the <class> mapping element:
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The iBATIS philosophy
A master page acts as a shell or frame shared by all the other pages (or some of the other pages) on your site. It is common to put a logo and perhaps a menu into the master page so that these elements appear at the same location on every page without your having to recode them.
UI Behavior Scripts
Listing 10.4 A dao.xml using a <properties /> element to insert implementation information
Introducing actions
At the time of this writing, several holes in Ant s property immutability rule were being patched. In the spirit of backwards compatibility the hole in <available> is being left but deprecated so that build files relying on this undocumented feature do not break. While we would rather not have to write about this anomaly, it deserves mention so that it is not stumbled upon inadvertently, causing unexpected behavior. Here is an example:
Spend some time exploring the admin console.
(in whatever server language) as following one of several architectural patterns. Let s have a look at these now.
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