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Based on the existence of a nonnull account, we define a few derived facts the account type, the available balance in the account, and the transaction amount. Note that each bind statement assigns a value to a variable and each assert statement defines a fact. Next, based on the facts, we define the minimum balance rule (listing 12.16).
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This will work, but you can t do much with one amalgamated column of address data. You probably want to break it up into several columns, with street, city, state, and zip code. This would make your Location object look like this:
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Figure 14.7 Graphics2D for Swing and PDF; the Pear example from the Java tutorial
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Tagged PDF As explained when we talked about PDF/A and PDF/UA, you can add extra structure to a PDF file that allows a PDF consumer to understand the content. Linearized PDF A linearized PDF file is organized in a special way to enable efficient incremental access, thus enhancing the viewing performance. Its primary goal is to display the first page as quickly as possible without the need to read all of the rest of the file or to read the cross-reference table that normally is at the end of the file. This enhances the experience when viewing a PDF file over a streaming communications channel such as the internet. Linearized PDF is sometimes referred to as PDF for fast web view. When data for a page is delivered over a slow channel, you d like to have the page content displayed incrementally as it arrives. With the essential cross-reference table at the end of the file, this is not possible unless the file is linearized. Linearization can only be done after the PDF file is complete and after all resources are known. iText can read linearized PDFs, but it can t create a linearized PDF, nor can you linearize an existing PDF using iText.
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Object/relational mapping metadata
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We discussed two font classes in chapter 2: Font and BaseFont. You used the Font class in section 2.2.1 for the 14 standard Type 1 fonts. These fonts are supposed to be known by every PDF viewer and are therefore never embedded by iText. In section 2.2.2, you used the Font class in combination with BaseFont to embed fonts. You created a BaseFont object by telling iText where to find a font program; for instance, a .ttf file. In chapter 3, you needed the BaseFont class to set the font when writing text to the direct content. You ve also learned how to measure Strings in a certain font, how to change the render mode, and so on. You know how to use fonts in your applications, but how do you choose them Which font files can be used with iText How about special writing systems In some languages, you have to write from right to left, and from top to bottom. Furthermore, there are some convenience classes that make it easier to select a font. You ll find the answers to all these questions in this chapter.
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</Target> </Project>
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on the first result. The authors recommend against using it because it can have unintended consequences. What if the first result looks like an int but turns out to be a long or a String Sorting by field is not free. In order to sort data, Lucene needs to load and keep the field ordering. Lucene uses some tricks to keep ordering for numeric values efficient in terms of memory usage. String and custom field sorting cannot benefit from these optimizations. Make sure you test sort on a real dataset and measure memory consumption. Beyond field-based sorting, Lucene allows you to sort by score (descending) and by Lucene document id (ascending), using respectively the following special SortField instances:
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Notice how you must put line continuation characters in the LINQ portions of the code, but not in the XML portion Yeah, I hate it, too. But it does generate nice
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Listing 3.16 shows a class with instance variables displaying various types of access visibility. Note that the class is in package jfxia.chapter3.access. To test it we need some further sample code such as in listing 3.17.
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Selling applications
Updating multiple databases in one transaction
The class is loaded Byte code for the first class is located Is the class loaded Yes No
The value LOGGING_TOPIC should be configured in the application server hosting your EJBs. See your vendor s documentation for more information. If the logging system is initialized outside an EJB, you need to explicitly set up the initial context environment in the configuration properties. For example, use this code to look up a Weblogic context:
public void RunFor(double duration) { if (duration <= double.Epsilon) { throw new ArgumentException( "Must provide a duration greater than 0", "duration"); } try { // ... } catch (InvalidOperationException iox)
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