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Much of our discussion of developing web pages thus far has not been Macintoshspecific. Clearly, the various libraries will be available no matter what platform you re writing code on. But starting here we re going to have a more Apple-centric focus, because tools are more likely to depend on what computer you re using.
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EJB applications frequently integrate with other EJB applications as well as with plain Java applications. The best path toward integrating two different applications is not always clear. Firewalls, security restrictions, and implementation differences often obstruct the path. The problems are intricate, requiring patience and thought. Like the hill in Austin, overconfidence and imprudence can prove fatal. The safe path may run between two enterprise applications sitting behind the firewall. If so, you must still worry about the underlying protocols used in remote calls. Sometimes your clients sit on the other side of HTTP firewalls. When they do, you must often tunnel invocations and cope with all the associated tradeoffs.
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Adding a map to an application
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The Persistence Unit Class Set
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Two of the subcommands under the IntelliSense menu item, Insert Snippet and Surround With, tap into a great feature to reduce typing and minimize errors: code snippets. A code snippet is a chunk of code that replaces an alias. A short alias is replaced with a much longer code snippet. For example, the alias switch would be replaced with:
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Bean-managed transactions (BMT) Developers should use bean-managed transactions in order to have a finer-grained control over their transactional system. For instance, with BMT beans, you can create more than one transaction per bean method (see recipe 5.9). A BMT bean is responsible for creating, propagating, committing, and rolling back its transactions. By not relying on the container, the bean developer must face the sometimes daunting task of coordinating a transactional system. EJB applications that use BMT beans can be every bit as secure and reliable as CMT applications, but there is a larger chance of developer-introduced transactional errors. In most cases, the EJB container is sufficient for enterprise applications transaction management.
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the EntityManager API standardizes ORM CRUD operations. But standardization isn t the only benefit of the simplified API: another great feature is that it can run outside the container. The cleanly separated Java Persistence API As we touched on in section 1.2.3, API persistence isn t just a solution for serverside applications. Persistence is a problem that even a standalone Swing-based desktop application has to solve. This is the realization that drove the decision to make JPA a cleanly separated API in its own right, that can be run outside an EJB 3 container. Much like JDBC, JPA is intended to be a general-purpose persistence solution for any Java application. This is a remarkably positive step in expanding the scope of EJB 3 outside the traditional realm of server applications. Better persistence-tier OO support Because EJB 2 entity beans were record oriented, they didn t support rich OO features like inheritance and polymorphism, and they didn t permit the mixing of persistent state and domain logic. As you saw in section 1.1.3, this made it impossible to model the domain layer in DDD architecture. EJB 3 entities have robust OO support, not just because they are POJOs but also because the JPA ORM mapping scheme is designed with OO in mind. JPQL has robust support for OO as well. Getting impatient to learn more about JPA Stick with us and we ll have many discussions on JPA throughout the book; part 3 is devoted to discussions on JPA. Test-driven development has become quite popular because it can dramatically improve performance of software applications. Let s see how EJB 3 improves the testability of applications.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
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16.1.3 The separation of concerns principle
attribute specifies the property object type. The column used to store the property value defaults to the property name. The column attribute overrides this default behavior, as shown in the startDate property. If the type attribute is omitted, Hibernate determines the type using runtime reflection. In certain cases, you must provide the property type, since reflection may not be able to determine the desired type (such as differentiating between the Hibernate DATE and TIMESTAMP types). Valid property types include the Hibernate basic types, such as integer, string, and timestamp, as well as the corresponding Java objects and primitives. However, you aren t limited to basic data types. The property element may also contain the name of a serializable Java class or a user-defined type. You create a new user-defined type by implementing either the org.hibernate.UserType or org.hibernate. CompositeUserType interface. The fully qualified class name of the user type or the serializable Java class is used as the property type value. We explore custom user types in chapter 5.
Figure 2.23 You can add many different properties using the Add Properties dialog, including references to external repositories.
Introduction to AOP
Figure 18-12. Ready to hang in your portrait gallery
Introducing order to Ajax
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