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Sys.Preview.UI.CheckBox control 379 Sys.Preview.UI.Data namespace 381 Sys.Preview.UI.Data.ListView class 473 Sys.Preview.UI.DragDropList class 478 Sys.Preview.UI.DragDropManager variable 412 Sys.Preview.UI.DraggableListItem class 478 Sys.Preview.UI.DragMode enumeration 420 Sys.Preview.UI.Effects namespace 381 Sys.Preview.UI.GenericDragDropManager class 413 Sys.Preview.UI.HyperLink control 379 Sys.Preview.UI.IDragSource interface 414, 419 422 Sys.Preview.UI.IDropTarget interface 414, 423 426 Sys.Preview.UI.IEDragDropManager class 413 Sys.Preview.UI.Image control 380 Sys.Preview.UI.Label control 379 Sys.Preview.UI.Selector control 380 Sys.Preview.UI.TextBox control 380 Sys.PropertyChangedEventArgs class 278 Sys.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer 154 object 88 Sys.Services.AuthenticationService.login method 323 Sys.StringBuilder class 59 60 Sys.UI namespace 268, 380 Sys.UI.Behavior class 267, 280, 344 Sys.UI.Control class 267, 287, 293, 344 accessing base functionality 380 Sys.UI.DomElement class 48
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XML Schema definitions Although a nice first pass at specifying XML languages, the DTD mechanism has numerous limitations that quickly became apparent in enterprise development. One basic and major limitation is that a DTD is not itself a valid XML document. Therefore it must be handled by XML parsing tools in a special way. More problematic, DTDs are quite limited in their ability to constrain the structure and content of XML documents. They cannot handle namespace conflicts within XML structures or describe complex relationships among documents or elements. DTDs are not modular, and constraints defined for one data element cannot be reused (inherited) by other elements. For these reasons and others, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is working feverishly to replace the DTD mechanism with XML Schema.
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You must make a JNDI lookup and store the EJB object in the HttpSession object. This will ensure that the same user session gets back the desired bean instance as follows:
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Gradients are a core part of SDK design, because they re a clearly evident aspect of the standard user interface. Unfortunately there s no UIKit level class for creating gradients; instead, you have to fall back on Quartz. There are two ways to create gradients inside Quartz: using a CGShadingRef object or a CGGradientRef object. As is often the case in Core Foundation functions, the difference is in complexity. CGGradientRef allows you to draw pretty simple gradients, and CGShadingRef requires you to define a CGFunctionRef object to precisely calculate how the colors in the gradient are displayed. As you ve probably guessed, we re going to talk about CGGradientRef here and point you to the Apple class references for CGShadingRef. Table 19.11 shows the important functions required to draw gradients with CGGradientRef.
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my $chart = GD::Graph::area->new(800,500); $chart->set_legend('GET', 'POST', 'SSL GET', 'SSL POST'); $chart->set( title => 'Distribution of HTTP requests', y_label => 'Number of requests', x_label => 'Hour', cumulate => 1, );
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The before advice in ConcernAspect simply catches any concern-specific checked exception, wraps it in a concern-specific unchecked exception, and throws it. Wrapping the original exception as the thrown exception s cause provides access to the original exception, if a caller needs it. Now when we compile the classes along with ConcernAspect in listing 8.17, we get a successful compilation:
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ImplementationA +OperationImp( )
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XML Log Publisher
Symbolic constants assign a name to a constant value. You declare a symbolic constant using the following syntax:
The scale, rotate, skewX and skewY attributes can be used to transform the element that you are drawing. The stroke and fill attributes give the stroke and fill color, respectively. Not all combinations of attributes make sense. Some can be used with all primitives, some only with one. Some attributes provide a shorthand for others, or act differently in the presence of others. The possibility of combinations is so great, that I ll leave it to your inquiring nature to discover how to tweak each of them. A more detailed description of each of the primitives follows: point Simply draw a point at the specified coordinate. To draw a single red pixel at coordinates (23,45):
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