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The model.Item persistent class has all the properties you mapped: id, description, initialPrice, and salesPrice. Depending on the entity name you use at runtime, some properties are considered persistent and others transient:
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Transactions are covered in more detail in chapter 7, so if you have more questions about them, that is the best place to go.
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suppressprivate- Sets whether the task should suppress the Private property is propertynotused defined but not used in strictargs-Mode, which can be quite annoying while developing. [Boolean] suppressvariable- Sets whether the task should suppress the Variable is set but notused not used in strictargs-Mode. [Boolean] symbols time trace utf8 verbose Sets whether debug symbols should be generated into the class file. [Boolean] Asks the NetRexx compiler to print compilation times to the console. [Boolean] Turns on or off tracing, and directs the resultant output. [trace, trace1, trace2, notrace] Tells the NetRexx compiler that the source is in UTF8. [Boolean] Sets whether lots of warnings and error messages should be generated. [verbose, verbose0, verbose1, verbose2, verbose3, verbose4, verbose5, noverbose]
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We re halfway done, so feel free to take a pause before proceeding. The next step is to create a client control that behaves as a drop target. This will be the shopping cart, and it will give us the chance to talk about drop zones and the IDropTarget interface.
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it returns as an argument to some method in your code. But how would you do that with the approach in Example 7-13, where the match-finding code is intermingled with the processing code While the simple foreach loop in Example 7-13 is fine for trivial examples, FindAll and similar techniques (such as LINQ, which we ll get to in the next chapter) are better at managing the more complicated scenarios likely to arise in real code.
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Working with JavaScript files is an important component of Ajax programming. However, accessing the server for data from JavaScript is what makes Ajax truly possible. In order to be granted this support with the ASP.NET AJAX framework, you must register a service reference for each local web service you wish to interact with. The ScriptManager has a property called Services that contains a collection of ServiceReference objects. A ServiceReference object is a mechanism for registering services you can access from JavaScript. The end result is a JavaScript proxy that serves as the gateway to the service from the browser. Listing 4.3 demonstrates how to register local services with the ScriptManager.
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There are several patterns that make the implicit assumption that only one instance of a class will be created. The Fa ade pattern is one of these there should be only one instance of each Fa ade. The Singleton pattern can enforce this requirement. To integrate the Singleton into an existing pattern, we again follow the steps outlined earlier. The revised constructor for the Fa ade is as follows:
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> ajc *.java > java TestAssociationScope staticinitialization(TestAssociationScope.<clinit>) execution(void TestAssociationScope.main(String[])) call(A()) staticinitialization(A.<clinit>) preinitialization(A()) initialization(A()) execution(A()) call(void A.m()) execution(void A.m()) call(B()) staticinitialization(B.<clinit>) preinitialization(B()) initialization(B()) execution(B()) call(void B.m()) execution(void B.m())
Query q = session.createQuery("from Item") .setReadOnly(true); Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setReadOnly(true); Query q = em.createQuery("select i from Item i") .setHint("org.hibernate.readOnly", true);
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When a method on this component is called for the first time, Seam creates an instance of ManagedPersistenceContext, binds it into the variable caveatEmptorEM in the conversation context, and injects it into the member field em right before the method is executed. When the conversation context is destroyed, Seam destroys the ManagedPersistenceContext instance, which closes the persistence context. When is the persistence context flushed Integrating the persistence context lifecycle The Seam-managed persistence context is flushed whenever a transaction commits. Instead of wrapping transactions (with annotations) around your action methods, let Seam also manage transactions. This is the job of a different Seam phase listener for JSF, replacing the basic one in faces-config.xml:
Before you can add a build to the build queue, you must define it. You can have as many build definitions as you need. Let s define a CI build for the existing Team project you created in the last chapter (see figure 4.31). You re by no means limited to a CI kind of build process in TFS 2010. For example, you can have CI builds, scheduled builds, or others. If you create multiple types of builds, we advise using some kind of a prefix like Ci for continuous build, sh for scheduled, and so on. After you give the build a name, you can decide what kind of trigger will be used to start the build. See figure 4.32 for the two first steps of the Build Definition Wizard. You can use five possible build triggers:
e.Graphics.DrawString("Normal", _ SystemFonts.DefaultFont, Brushes.Black, 10, 10) e.Graphics.TranslateTransform(100, 75) e.Graphics.RotateTransform(270) e.Graphics.DrawString("Rotated", _ SystemFonts.DefaultFont, Brushes.Black, 10, 10) e.Graphics.ResetTransform( )
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