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Data Validation
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Lazy properties
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'AFootInBothCamps' does not contain a definition for 'Name' and no extension method 'Name' accepting a first argument of type 'AFootInBothCamps' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference )
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Dealing with null values and empty collections So far we have been able to avoid discussing null and how an expression deals with null values. Alas, now it is time to deal with this little mystery. You have to remember that null is different from an empty string, and JPQL treats them differently. However, not all databases treat an empty string and null differently. We already know that JPQL is translated into SQL by the persistence provider. If the database returns true when an empty string is compared with null, you cannot rely on consistent results from your queries across two different databases. We recommend that you test this situation with your database. When a conditional expression encounters a null value, the expression evaluates to null or unknown. A complex WHERE clause that combines more than one conditional expression with a boolean operator such as AND may produce a result that is unknown. Table 10.9 lists the results of a conditional expression when it is compared with a null value.
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12.2.2 Processing with batches
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The first thing you see is common in many applications. Because the touchesBegan and touchesMoved methods do the exact same thing, you have one call the other. As in most of the game methods, the game state is determined at the beginning of this method B. That s because you want to do different things based on the state of the game. If you re at the beginning of the game, and the user taps the screen, the method showPicker is called to display the peer picker to the user. At that point, the Game Kit code takes over until a connection is established. You next get the location on the screen where the user touched C. The x coordinate of this touch is used to move the player s paddle. As the user drags their finger on the screen, their paddle moves along with it. After each movement of the paddle, you must notify the other player of its new location D. Notice that you send the data unreliably; this is because you re sending so many packets to the other user that you don t care if they don t receive a few of them. The game you ve just created is nowhere near complete, but it provides you with enough code to understand how Game Kit should be used in a multiplayer game. You could take this game further by adding better graphics as well as basic physics for the collisions.
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10.3.2 Using the FROM clause
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This returns all of the accountId values in the Account table as a List of simple Integer objects. If you need multiple columns, you can tell iBATIS to use the column names as bean property names, or as Map keys using automatic result mapping.
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Just creating a new class isn t enough: you also need to use it. Listing 11.7 shows the code that you put in the application delegate to use your new subclass.
List<Object[]> results = new ArrayList<Object[]>(); Build query results results.add( new Object[] {"The Incredibles"} ); expect( query.list() ).andReturn( results ); Associate them to
We will manipulate these variables in an event handler. The first node in the Scene is a Rectangle, which is another kind of geometric shape similar to the Circle class. It will give our raindrop animation a colorful backdrop. We set the dimensions of the Rectangle within its parent and define a fill color. Then we assign an event handler to it.
9.7.2 Testing response time
Implode or explode an image.
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Adding Chunk, Phrase, Paragraph, and List objects
The web: web views and internet protocols
everything else (when the user is interacting with the Activity to perform a task). In the visible phase, the Activity is on the screen, but it might not be on top and interacting with the user (when a dialog or floating window is on top of the Activity, for example).
List results = session.createFilter( item.getBids(), "" ).list();
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