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Application development
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Indicates whether printed receipts are to be used at this workstation. If this field is missing, False is assumed. This technical description appears in the Technical Resource Kit document, originally developed in 4 and updated in subsequent chapters. Some of the content added here refers to features and technical content that won t be added until later chapters, so don t spend too much time thinking about features that you thought you already forgot.
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Mastering Web Site Fundamentals
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Redeveloping web pages for the iPhone
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public static PdfPTable createTable1() throws DocumentException { PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(3); table.setWidthPercentage(288 / 5.23f); Changes width table.setWidths(new int[]{2, 1, 1}); Defines relative percentage ... column widths return table; } public static PdfPTable createTable2() throws DocumentException { PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(3); table.setTotalWidth(288); Changes total width table.setLockedWidth(true); table.setWidths(new float[]{2, 1, 1}); Defines relative ... column widths return table; } public static PdfPTable createTable3() throws DocumentException { PdfPTable table = Defines relative column new PdfPTable(new float[]{ 2, 1, 1 }); widths in constructor table.setWidthPercentage(55.067f); ... return table; }
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Understanding object/relational persistence
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These examples show how an Android developer creates an Intent and asks for it to be handled. Similarly, an Android application can be deployed with an IntentFilter, indicating that it responds to Intents that were already defined on the system, thereby publishing new functionality for the platform. This facet alone should bring joy to independent software vendors (ISVs) who ve made a living by offering better contact managers and to-do list management software titles for other mobile platforms. Intent resolution, or dispatching, takes place at runtime, as opposed to when the application is compiled. You can add specific Intent-handling features to a device, which might provide an upgraded or more desirable set of functionality than the original shipping software. This runtime dispatching is also referred to as late binding. Thus far, this discussion of Intents has focused on the variety of Intents that cause UI elements to be displayed. Other Intents are more event-driven than task-oriented, as our earlier contact record example described. For example, you also use the Intent class to notify applications that a text message has arrived. Intents are a central element to Android; we ll revisit them on more than one occasion. Now that we ve explained Intents as the catalyst for navigation and event flow on Android, let s jump to a broader view and discuss the Android application lifecycle and the key components that make Android tick. The Intent will come into better focus as we further explore Android throughout this book.
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Now it s our responsibility as bean provider to do some manual checking on our own, and we do this via the javax.ejb.EJBContext interface (or its child, SessionContext). As we ve seen before, this is the hook for bean instances to interact with the container, so we ll inject the following as an instance member:
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<parallel> <patch>
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What if we wanted to make this more general-purpose We could modify Test so that instead of working only with int, it works with any built-in numeric type, or indeed any type that offers a version of the < operator that can be used with int. We could do that by changing the argument to dynamic, as Example 18-23 shows.
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You ll never see these declarations, but they re there.
Before adding the data access methods to our DataLayer class, we ll add a new property named ConnectionString to it. This property will contain the logic for specifying the connection string that is used by the DataLayer when connecting to the database. Listing 1.5 shows how this is implemented in code:
Listing 9.7
Description This is the most simple Font class. There are different constructors to create one of the standard Type 1 font types (not embedded). You can also create a Font instance using a BaseFont object and a font size as a parameter. This is the abstract superclass; the createFont() method returns an instance of one of its subclasses, depending on the font file used. You ll get a Type1Font instance if you create a standard Type 1 font, or if you pass an .afm or .pfm file. Standard Type 1 fonts are never embedded; for other Type 1 fonts, it depends on the value of the embedded parameter and the presence of a .pfb file. Type 3 fonts are special: they don t come in files. You need to create them using PDF syntax. Type 3 fonts are always embedded. In spite of its name, this class isn t only used for TrueType fonts (.ttf), but also for OpenType fonts with TrueType (.ttf) or Type 1 (.otf) outlines. This class will create a TrueType or a Type 1 font subtype in a PDF document. Files with extension .ttf or .otf can also result in this subclass of TrueTypeFont if you use them as composite fonts. So will files with extension .ttc. Inside the PDF, you ll find the subtype /Type0 along with /CIDFontType2 (.ttf and .ttc files) or /CIDFontType0 (.otf files). Contrary to its superclass, TrueTypeFontUnicode ignores the embedded parameter. iText will always embed a subset of the font. OpenType fonts with extension .otf use the Compact Font Format (CFF). Although creating a font using an .otf file results in an instance of TrueTypeFont, it s the CFFFont class that does the work. This is a special class for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts for which the metrics files are shipped in a separate JAR. Using a CJK font results in a Type 0 font; the font is never embedded.
If you need to pass java.util.Date or java.util.Calendar parameters into a query, you need to use special setParameter methods:
Figure A-5. Exercise 18-1: The form.
12.4 Other Interface Builder functionality
and not worry about what is going on in memory. There is a second, somewhat awkward way to copy strings:
16.2.4 Deleting a queue
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