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4.3.3 Antipattern: Eager Iterator
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17: Delegates and Events
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Manipulating lists and combo boxes
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Projects and Solutions
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This integration type can be simple. When done properly, the remote system has no knowledge of your application and operates without modification. This pattern can work with closed systems that do not expose any other API for integration.
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the lifetime of the database before promoting it to a primary key. Changing the definition of a primary key and all foreign keys that refer to it is a frustrating task. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that new applications use synthetic identifiers (also called surrogate keys). Surrogate keys have no business meaning they are unique values generated by the database or application. There are a number of well-known approaches to surrogate key generation. Hibernate has several built-in identifier generation strategies. We list the most useful options in table 3.1.
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protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) { base.OnInit(e);
Client 1
Design patterns and idioms
Component Types
19.2.4 Game Center
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