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For this chapter s project, I built a simple multipage web site that (1) lets the user look up items in the Library database; and (2) duplicates the Library Statistics report created in 21, but without the RDLC component. I went ahead and included the completed project in your installed source code directory, in the LibraryWebSite subdirectory. You can open it by locating its directory with the File Open Web Site menu command in Visual Studio. As shown in Figure 23-12, the project includes 11 files and two subdirectories.
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You can create custom exception types using the Error.create method. This method accepts two arguments: a string with the name of the exception type that the custom error represents, and a custom object whose properties are added to the Error object returned by Error.create. As a general rule, the custom object should contain at least a name property with the name of the exception type. Listing 2.9 shows an example of a custom error type created with the Microsoft Ajax Library.
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JPQL arithmetic functions Arithmetic Functions Description Returns the absolute value of simple_arithmetic_expression Returns the square root value of simple_ arithmetic_expression as a double Returns the result of executing the modulus operation for num, div Returns the number of items in a collection
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Application Clients
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A <filter> task creates a globally defined filterset. Because this filter applies on all <copy> or <move> tasks that are then executed, it can be dangerous, unexpectedly transforming binary files. We recommend, therefore, that filtered <copy> or <move> tasks individually specify their own filterset. If a filterset needs to be reused for several instances within a build, it can be defined globally using the <filterset id="global.filterset"> syntax and referenced where needed. (See section 3.14.)
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Launch the TFS Setup program. Select Team Foundation Components and Team Foundation Server (see figure 2.26). Make sure Team Foundation Server Proxy is unchecked.
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Figure 5.24 If the key pad does not have arrow keys, number keys must be used instead.
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Categories and protocols
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Implementation Resources
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The String and Char Types
Xor (XOR)
The compiler doesn t mind if you use them where they re not needed, and it may help to make the operation clearer to readers of your code. In some complex equations, you might need to nest parentheses to ensure the proper order of operations. For example, say you want to know how many seconds a hypothetical family wastes each morning. The adults spend 20 minutes over coffee each morning and 10 minutes reading the newspaper. The children waste 30 minutes dawdling and 10 minutes arguing. Here s the algorithm:
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