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15.3 Developing EJB web services with JAX-WS 2.0
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To use the task that comes with StyleCop, you first have to import it. It takes the list of .cs files as input and produces a StyleCopReport.xml file. Unfortunately, CCNet doesn t come with a good XSL transformer for StyleCop. A better StyleCopReport.xsl file is provided with this book; copy it to the dashboard/ xsl folder on the CCNet server, and add this line to the <buildPlugins> tag in the d=Dashboard.config file:
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Choosing the right set of analysis, design, and development tools can greatly enhance the productivity of your team and the effectiveness of your processes. The ideal set of tools you should have for a J2EE build can be summarized as follows:
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Figure 15.2 Worker roles have two ways of exposing their services. The first is as an input service these are published to the load balancer and are available externally (role 0). The second is as an internal service, which isn t behind a load balancer and is only visible to your other role instances (role 1).
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The easiest way to avoid a game of hot potato is to acknowledge the successful receipt of the message, not whether the resulting business logic was successful. The JMS server can t do anything about the latter, so don t put the server in a position to let you down. Toward this end, you don t want to throw system exceptions in response to business logic errors. System exceptions should be raised only in response to genuine system (or container) failures. Because application exceptions cannot be thrown from the onMessage() method, it s best to log any business logic errors and return gracefully from the onMessage() method. This lets the JMS server know that the consumer got the message, which is all the server really cares about anyway. A variation on this theme is to send an error-related message to a special error queue. To handle unexpected error conditions intelligently, exception-handling consumers can subscribe to this queue. Be mindful of the repercussions of rolling back an MDB transaction by invoking the MessageDrivenContext.setRollbackOnly() method. It, too, will force the JMS server to attempt redelivery. Ask yourself whether the next MDB instance chosen to handle the message will be able to execute the business logic successfully, or if it will suffer the same fate. If the problem that triggers the rollback is unrecoverable, then the next MDB instance to receive the redelivered message will likely encounter the same problem. Incoming hot potato! If it s possible that the next MDB instance to receive the redelivered message will be able to recover from the error, then rolling back the transaction may be appropriate. Some JMS providers automatically support the use of a Dead Message Queue (DMQ). If, for example, an attempt to deliver a message is unsuccessful after a
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Therefore it is difficult for the iBATIS framework to support all databases using a single type handler implementation. To deal with these situations, iBATIS supports custom type handlers that allow you to customize the way that certain types are handled. Using a custom type handler, you can tell iBATIS how to map relational database types to Java types. You can even override the built-in type handlers. This section will explain how.
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Evaluates itemName property Evaluates itemDescription property
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The Table service, a whole different entity
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Logging to an XML file
A.7 Lists
For a simple synchronous response, listing 14.6 shows how to put these elements together.
Inbound Filter 2
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