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Use the Strategy pattern when Many related classes differ only in their behavior. There are different algorithms for a given purpose, and the selection criteria can be codified. The algorithm uses data to which the client should not have access.
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Seam decorates the input fields with validation error messages.
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(if at all) should they be represented in the domain model We discuss this question in chapter 4, section 4.2, Mapping entities with identity, and we find a solution with ORM. In the context of persistence, identity is closely related to how the system handles caching and transactions. Different persistence solutions have chosen different strategies, and this has been an area of confusion. We cover all these interesting topics and show how they re related in chapters 10 and 13. So far, the skeleton e-commerce application we ve designed has identified the mismatch problems with mapping granularity, subtypes, and object identity. We re almost ready to move on to other parts of the application, but first we need to discuss the important concept of associations: how the relationships between our classes are mapped and handled. Is the foreign key in the database all you need
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@Entity public class User { @Id protected String userId; protected String email; @OneToOne protected ContactDetail contactDetail; @OneToMany(mappedBy = "bidder") protected Set<Bid> bids; ... } @Entity public class ContactDetail { @Id protected Long contactId; ... }
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You want to use a database view to represent the table in which entity beans load and store data.
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You can choose one of the types listed in table 8.1 as a parameter for setCheckType() to let iText create appearances for the on and off states of the button. The second column in the table contains the character code for the ZapfDingbats character that s used to check the radio or check box widget (ZapfDingbats is one of the standard type 1 fonts available in every PDF viewer).
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debit() method call join point
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SQL Profiler is not part of SQL Server 2008 Express, not even if you install the version with advanced services and Management Studio. You will need a full edition of SQL Server. (The Developer edition will do.) SQL Profiler works just fine with the Express version of the database, but it s distributed and licensed only as part of the fuller editions. As long as you have a suitable license, you can install just the tools from a full edition SQL Server onto a machine that has only the Express version of the database, and it will work just fine. (Unfortunately, if you already installed the Express version of Management Studio, you can t install the full management tools on the same machine.) A full description of the SQL Profiler is beyond the scope of this book we re using it to show you exactly what the Entity Framework asked the database to do. However, it s a profoundly useful tool; even if you use it only for the simple task of discovering what SQL queries are being executed. If you plan to do much work with databases, it s well worth learning how to use it.
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Writing a Lucene query
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The class named in the from clause doesn t even need to be a mapped persistent class; any class will do! The following query returns all persistent objects:
Mapped statement type <sql>
In listing 7.7, you used document-level JavaScript that was triggered when the document was opened. But opening a document is an event it would have been better to trigger the action to open the console from such an event. If you look at the first day of the Foobar Film Festival on the timetable, you ll see that there s only one movie that isn t reserved for the press: the opening movie. But you know from figure 3.1 that the tickets for this movie are sold out. People consulting the timetable will be disappointed if they re looking to buy tickets. To avoid this, you can use an open action to tell the viewer application to jump to the second page immediately. That way, the end user can still navigate to the first page, but only after having seen the second page. Furthermore, you ll repeat the Think before you print message upon printing, and tell the user to Think again next time! afterwards. Upon closing the document, you ll wish the user a good festival.
- (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation: (UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation { return YES; }
starting to publish bug patterns for common programming mistakes. The http:// site has some links to Eric Allen s series Bug Patterns. The design pattern community also has a counterpart: the antipattern community. This group is interested in learning from common experience and capturing that knowledge in a uniform, methodical way. AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis brings these concepts together better than any other source I have seen. With Brady Flowers, who contributed the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) examples for this book, I had started to do bitter Java sessions at conferences before we found AntiPatterns. When we found it, we immediately fell in love with the ideas expressed in this book. Most of the book s antipatterns went beyond theory and explained the cultural conditions prompting a problem. The book is extraordinarily useful to programmers who strive for excellence. We hope to take these concepts into the Java community to continue the momentum that AntiPatterns has created. We will go beyond generic antipatterns and dive into those that are most prevalent to the Java community. These are some online resources for antipatterns:
Specifies view model type
The Gimp s XCF format
The iPhone
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