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17.2.2 Parsing the UIAcceleration
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The primary methods of interacting with the security providers in .NET are via a byte array or a stream. I opted to use the byte array method, converting the incoming string values through the UnicodeEncoding object s GetBytes method. Once stored as a byte array, I pass the login ID and password as arguments to the HMACSHA1 class s features. Although I could store the output of the ComputeHash method directly in a database field, I decided to convert the result into readable ASCII characters so that things wouldn t look all weird when I issued SQL statements against the UserName table. My conversion is basic: convert each byte into its printable hexadecimal equivalent using Visual Basic s Hex function. Then just string the results together. The UserName. Password field holds only 20 characters, so I chop off anything longer. Just to make sure that this algorithm generates reasonable output, I called EncryptPassword with a few different inputs.
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The Life of a Project |
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You can restrict the visibility of a class and its members through the use of access modifiers, such as public, private, and protected. (See 8 for a discussion of access modifiers.) As you ve seen, public allows a member to be accessed by the member methods of other classes, whereas private indicates that the member is visible only to member methods of its own class. The protected keyword extends visibility to methods of derived classes. Classes, as well as their members, can be designated with any of these accessibility levels. If a class member has a different access designation than the class, the more restricted access applies. In other words, if you define a class, MyClass, as follows:
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private Vector buildMessages = new Vector(); public BuildResultPrinter() { } public void buildStarted(BuildEvent e) { }
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There s more than one way to do it. That was the slogan of Perl, one of the first languages used to create dynamic web pages, and today you could use that slogan equally well to describe the iPhone and iPad, two of the newest cutting-edge internet devices. We opened this book by talking about the two different ways that you could write apps: using web technologies and using the SDK. We also highlighted two different ways that you could interact with the internet: either as an equal participant a web-based member of the internet s various peer-to-peer and client/server protocols or as a pure client that runs its own programs and connects to the internet via its own means. We ve said before that each programming method has its own advantages, and we continue to think that web development is often a better choice when you re interacting with the internet already. But when you need to use other SDK features, the SDK offers some great ways to connect to the web. As you ve seen in this chapter, you have easy and intuitive access to the social web that conglomeration of machines that s connected via various public protocols. You should have no trouble creating projects that use the HTML and XML protocols, and even further flung protocols like JSON and SOAP are usable thanks to third-party libraries. That ll cover most programmers needs, but for those of you who need to dig deeper, the SDK has you covered there too, thanks to Core Foundation classes. In the next chapter, we ll take networking one step further and introduce the Game Kit framework. There, we ll show you how to use Apple s built-in network layers to create a fully functional two-player video game.
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Data Synchronization
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Utilizing incremental compilation using an Ant task
Question 8-3. What is the signature of a method Question 8-4. What are properties Question 8-5. What object-oriented programming principle do properties enforce Question 8-6. How do you create a read-only property Question 8-7. What is the purpose of automatic properties Question 8-8. How do you retrieve more than one return value from a method Question 8-9. Where must you use the keyword ref Question 8-10. What is the keyword out used for
For Each oneRecord In setOfRecords ProcessRecord(oneRecord) Next oneRecord
A trigger is an event coming from a control that causes an UpdatePanel to refresh its contents. The following types of triggers can be associated with an UpdatePanel:
SELECT FullName FROM Activity WHERE ID = 1
Entity beans often must declare specific select methods allowing you to select collections or specific entities from the persistent store. Select methods must be described in the deployment XML for a bean. As with all manual tasks, editing the XML descriptor is error prone and tedious.
Figure 11.2 illustrates how we put all these fragments into an aspect. The figure shows that the JDBCTransactionAspect base aspect contains two abstract pointcuts transactedOperation() and obtainConnection() and a concrete pointcut, topLevelTransactedOperation(). The JDBCTransactionAspect is associated with the topLevelTransactedOperation() pointcut using percflow association specification.
"weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory" ); props.put( Context.PROVIDER_URL, "http://MyRemoteHost:7001" ); Context ic = new InitialContext( props ); equityHome = ( EquityHome ) ic.lookup( "ejbAccess.equityHome" ); equityHome = ( EquityHome ) Narrows the PortableRemoteObject.narrow( equityHome, return value EquityHome.class ); return equityHome; } catch (NamingException ne) { return null; } } EquityHome
This abstract factory can build and return any DAO. Now implement this factory for your Hibernate DAOs:
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Define content and layout
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