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Output: c:\test\media\chimes.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\chord.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\desktop.ini copied to newTest c:\test\media\ding.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\dts.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\flourish.mid copied to newTest c:\test\media\ir_begin.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\ir_end.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\ir_inter.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\notify.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\onestop.mid copied to newTest c:\test\media\recycle.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\ringout.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\Speech Disambiguation.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\Speech Misrecognition.wav copied to newTest c:\test\media\newTest\chimes.wav renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\chimes.wav c:\test\media\newTest\chord.wav deleted. c:\test\media\newTest\desktop.ini renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\desktop.ini c:\test\media\newTest\ding.wav deleted. c:\test\media\newTest\dts.wav renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\dts.wav c:\test\media\newTest\flourish.mid deleted. c:\test\media\newTest\ir_begin.wav renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\ir_begin.wav c:\test\media\newTest\ir_end.wav deleted. c:\test\media\newTest\ir_inter.wav renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\ir_inter.wav c:\test\media\newTest\notify.wav deleted. c:\test\media\newTest\onestop.mid renamed to c:\test\media\newTest\onestop.mid
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Deleting data
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Hibernate supports the polymorphic many-to-one and one-to-many associations shown in the previous sections even if a class hierarchy is mapped with the table per concrete class strategy. You may wonder how this works, because you may not have a table for the superclass with this strategy; if so, you can t reference or add a foreign key column to BILLING_DETAILS.
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Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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The history of PDF The Carousel Object System Low-level PDF manipulation
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-(IBAction)chooseFile:(id)sender {
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The last thing we need to do is modify our XSLT filter to use the PDFWriter when html is the output format. The modified XSLTPDFFilter class is shown in listing 5.13.
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drawMovieInfo(screening, over); } document.newPage(); }
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Script versioning
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public interface EJBContext { ... public java.security.Principal getCallerPrincipal(); public boolean isCallerInRole(java.lang.String roleName); ... }
Packaging EJB 3 applications
$im->Solarize(factor => percentage)
The route with the template {controller}/{action}/{id} is a generic one and can be used for many different web requests. Tokens are denoted by the inclusion of curly braces, {}, and the word enclosed in braces matches a value the MVC Framework understands. The most common values that we ll be interested in are controller and action. The controller route value is a special value that the System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler class passes to the controller factory in order to instantiate a controller. This is also the route we ll be using for the rest of the chapter, so we ll be content with a URL in the form of http://site.org/controllername/actionname. The basic route handler is an instance of IRouteHandler named MvcRouteHandler. We have complete control and could provide our own implementation of IRouteHandler if we wished, but we ll save that for a later chapter.
Integrating legacy databases
The label is a simple class that allows you to print text on the screen. Figure 3.2 shows what the label (and the rest of the program) looks like. As you d expect, your label work begins with the creation of a label object. Note that you follow the standard methodology of nested object creation that we introduced in the previous chapter. First you use a class method to allocate the object, and then you use an instance method to initialize it.
Design patterns and idioms
DirectoryProvider[] provider = searchFactory.getDirectoryProviders(Order.class); org.apache.lucene.store.Directory directory = provider[0].getDirectory(); IndexReader reader = IndexReader.open(directory);
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